Patriarch Uriel - Zeal/Telsadin


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I missed my old fana zealot, so I decided to to something similar. I really don’t know how to name the build – other than ’zealot/tesladin’. Correct me please, if I got the build name wrong ;)

Name: Uriel
Class: Paladin
Level: 81

Uriel - LCS.jpg

Strength: 108/130
Dexterity: 121/189
Vitality: 256/266
Energy: 15/15

Fire: 206/166/106
Cold: 186/146/86
Lightning: 187/147/87
Poison: 178/138/78

MF: 25
GF: 50
FR/W: 75
FHR: 65
IAS: 70
FCR: 0
Block: 85

Sacrifice: 20/23
Smite: 1/4
Holy Bolt: 1/4
Zeal: 20/23
Charge: 1/4
Vengeance: 1/4
Blessed Hammer: 1/4
Holy Shield: 1/4

Might: 1/9
Holy Fire: 1/9
Holy Freeze: 1/9
Holy Shock: 20/28

Defiance: 1/4
Resist Lightning: 20/23
Salvation: 2/5

Helm: Delirium (Bone Visage)
Armor: Duress (Archon Plate)
Shield: Sanctuary (Sacred Targe, 111 all res)
Gloves: Laying of Hands
Belt: Nosferatu Coil
Ammy: The Cat’s Eye
Ring 1: Raven Frost (218 AR / 20 dex)
Ring 2: Bul-Khatos Wedding Band
Weapon: Crescent Moon (Phase Blade)
Boots: rare with 30 FRW, 31 lightning resist, 22 poison resist
Switch: Heaven’s Light and Herald of Zakarum (switch used mostly to buff Holy Shield)
Various small charms (FRW, AR), 5x Offensive skillers.

Blessed Aim Act 2 merc
Gulliame’s Face
Obidience (eth Tresher)
Duress (Loricated Mail)

Thoughts and remarks:

- Quite simple character to play, really. Zeal + Holy Shock and … Go!
- Playing him was not very difficult, but it wasn’t a breeze either. Lightning immunes were of course problem, but I expected much, much worse.
- Merc died a lot in Act V Hell, but his damage was quite good.
- Delirium was a life saver! A really great runeword for this build or at least for my current gear set-up.
- This build is somewhat on the cheaper side and I know there is a LOT of stuff to improve. But the build is quite strong and doable even without high end uniques or runewords (rune-wise it costs 2 Um’s, a Mal and an Ist). But I can imagine that with proper high end gear, he would be a thing to behold.
- At some point in the future I’d like to experiment with runeword Dream on him. But at the moment that’s only wishful thinking.
- Deaths: can’t remember. Don’t think so. But a lot of close calls.
- Finds: can’t remember either. Nothing special, that’s for sure.
- Future plans: perhaps do some Pit runs for fun and I’d like to level him to at least level 85 … Other that that – I think I’ll retire him.

Thanks for reading ;)
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Well done, always nice to see elemental zealot (cold or lightning). You considered any other bases for CM runeword to increase a bit the physical part of the damage?


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Thanks ;)
Yes, I did consider it but very briefly (and without any real calculations). In the end I rather went with speed than damage. And style, that too ;)


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He is a Pyrodin, he is one of my Archangel inspired builds. He wields a Flaming Sword and is the counterpart to his Tesladin and Cryodin brothers.

He's not finished yet...

GoMule actually has the functionality built in, you need to download the absolute latest version to get it.

EDIT: The file name is GoMuleR4.3.2_1.13


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Nice. Congrats !!!

Didn't Delirium's chance to morph into a fetish trouble you? Iirc I tried the runeword on a non-Druid character of mine once, and hated the fact that I'd morph at the most inconvenient times. That's also why most people use the Delirium on the merc and the Guillaume's on their own character afaik.


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Honestly, I wasn't bothered by morphing much. It happened quite rarely and I cannot recoll a single situation I was in trouble becouse of it. Most of times I morphed, I just opened town portal and went to restash on potions/scrolls and to repair equipment ... Hehe, even morphed he did ssome ok damage; I remember that in The Pit I didn't even bother to wait to morph back.

Maybe I'm just very used to play with 'cursed' items - playing sorc without Occulus teleport seems strange to me, for example :D

Edit: I was really really surprised how well the procs of the Helmet suited this build.


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Actually, the morph isn't so bad on purely melee chars, especially ones with a high elemental damage, and it doesn't de-activate your aura iirc, so... can be awesome, in fact. Dolls are FAST!

Had an Enchantress that wore 'Delirium' and I remember it was usually a nice boost in kill speed... made me appreciate how AI has to select its attack cycle, if doll's AI could just lmb-bind attack, it wouldn't be the death explosions that are so scary.

EDIT: rmb, not lmb (doh!)
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Dolls are FAST!
Quoted for Truth!!! Dolls are also small...its pretty amazing how well you can slip through big crowds of mobs when Morphed!

Also, if you really hate being morphed, you can clear it very quickly by waypointing to another act and back.