Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer


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Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

Here he comes, with a song in his heart and a smile on his lips, having taken on the armies of Hell armed only with his single stringed lute and his mighty voice. A voice so beautiful angels come down from the heavens to do his bidding. A voice so commanding the dead rise to fight by his side. A voice so powerful the very bones of the Earth come to protect him. And now, introducing:

Patriarch The_Bard – Bow-wielding single tree Singer

Lvl 85

St - 118 (163)
Dx - 132 (190)
Vt - 260 (265)
En - 10 (15)

Resists (Hell)

Fire 75
Cold 75
Lning 75
Poison 75

HP: 1426 (3267 after BO)
Mana: 409, (751 after BO)
Def: 971 (4078 after shout)
AR: 1134 (4394 after Blessed Aim)
Dam: Bow: 560 – 985
WC: 950 – 985 @ 9 fps (after BC)

Skills: (before BC)

B Cry 20 (32)
War Cry 20 (32)
B Orders 20 (32)
Howl 11 (23)
Taunt 11(23)
Shout 10 (22)
B Command 1(13)
Find Potion 1(13)
Find Item 1 (13)
Grim Ward 1 (13)

Item granted skills:

Valkyrie 4 (10)
Revive 20
Vigor 10
Life Tap 12
B Prison 33
Skel Mast 1
Venom 3


Arreat's Face “Um”
Skin of the Vipermagi “Um”
Mara’s 28%
SoJ X 2
Arachnid Mesh
Sounding skillers X 4

Weapon 1:

“Harmony” Diamond Bow – 274% ED (NEAR PERFECT) & +4 Valkyrie

Weapon 2:


Merc: (Blessed Aim)

“Insight” Thresher

Random musings:

I decided to play The_Bard as a “bowbarb” from the very beginning, so my early stat points were piled into Strength and Dexterity until I was able to equip the Arctic set. Once this was done, there was no turning back because it is a killer set early in the game. My tactics in the first half of Act 1 revolved around the “come here, come here. No, go away, go away.” tactic. Clear the area with a Howl and use Taunt to pull selected monsters back. If they got to close just rinse and repeat. Howl was also a great way to break up boss packs. A pack would come running toward you, one Howl and he’d be there all on his lonesome. I beefed up Shout so as to give me a better AC early and to give BC a little more time, I never considered these to be wasted points. The points in Find Item and Grim Ward were a waste though, but Find Potion was an essential part of the build, even with the “Insight” and a good amount of regenerate mana I was quaffing mana potions very regularly.

There were two turning points in the build. First was the +skills addition to Valkyrie making 10th level, 11th after BC. My Valkyrie could stand by me through almost every fight, especially after Shout and BO, and she could solo several monsters giving me time to concentrate on other kills. The second turning point was that although WC could not harm PIs, it could stun them. The game became relatively easy at that point.

This was an expensive build because I routinely use all the item granted skills, with the exception of Life Tap. I corralled monsters with the BP and had armies of Revives in difficult fights and used Venom on a regular basis. The Hell Ancients was a stroke of luck really, I went in with a small army of Revives, and ship loads of equipment, expecting to have to reroll them to get no PIs. First time success and my army layed into them, the whole thing was over very quickly. My Revives army made mince meat of Baal’s minions, but there were none left to face Baal himself. The fight was a quite a long one, with two clones summoned and many trips back to town to restock, but with over 3000 HP the result was never in doubt.

No real finds to mention, but I got an Um from NM hell forge, and a Pul from Hell. As usual I played the character totally SP at /P8 through to Hell and /P1 after and twinked to the eye-balls. Another single tree build to cross off my list.


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

Congrats , interesting idea to use the Valk at slvl 11, but after BO she would have approx the same life as a slvl 26 unsynegrised valk no wonder she tanked well. I am sure he horked plenty of gold to feed the repair bills and also rals, orts , chipped and flawed gems can help. unfortunately +Skeleton mastery from Marrows don't affect barbs, but lvl 20 revives are very tanky anyway


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

An echoing 'grats' to you. Very nicely done :thumbup:


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

I can't imagine how long it would take a singer to kill Baal. *shudders*

Congrats on a unique and interesting build!


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

Very interesting, well done. I was just thinking yesterday of starting a Singer; this sounds like a pretty fun approach. Maybe use Hellrack instead of Harmony for PIs, though I'd miss out on the Valk...


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

Congrats to you. Very inspiring post!


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Re: Patriarch The_Bard – Single Tree Singer

Thanks for your kind words guys. Now I have to work out what to do next, another single tree build probably. :crazyeyes: