Patriarch Taer, the IK Barb!


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Patriarch Taer, the IK Barb!

Since I neglected to post a Mat thread on my sorceress (I'm a very lazy person), I felt like I should go through the motions this time around. This is my first melee pat after all (3rd mat/pat)! :grin:

I cruised through Normal and Nightmare on players8 and didn't really have any problems or slowdowns at any point. In Hell, I started with p8 but changed to p1 for Act II. Act III was done with p8 again, Act IV on p8 until Chaos Sanctuary where I switched to p1.

Hell Act V had some painful parts, namely rescuing Anya. I don't think I've ever seen so many Gloams. Sheesh. Hurty. :dizzy: Went on p8 until Ancients, where I switched to p1 and that's how I finished the game too. There were no Oblivion Knights in WSK or Throne, some gloams but they drop quick on p1.

No significant finds really, best being a Mal rune from Hellforge and a Mastery skiller from Hell WSK.

There were a couple of deaths. First death, big surprise (not!), was in Normal Chaos Sanctuary. "Hey, I think I recognize that sound... *looks at empty bulb* Yeah, that's Iron Maiden all right". Second death: NM WSK. "Ooh, an Oblivion Knight, better take him out quickly! *leap attack* *cursed mid-air* Ok, taunting is a better strategy". Third death: Hell Chaos Sanctuary. The winged demon fellow from one of the seals had mana burn. Surrounded by his group, no chance to leech or leap out, quick death. Valiantly recovered my corpse though... running around naked and dodging the group was quite exciting.

Stats and gear:

Character name : Taer
Character type : Barbarian
Character level : 86
Character exp : 1152783604

Strength : 187
Energy : 10
Dexterity : 20
Vitality : 308


Combat: 20 WW, 1 Berserk and 1 in prerequisites for these skills.
Masteries: 20 Mace, 1 in each Increased Speed and Stamina, Iron Skin and Natural Resistances.
Warcries: 20 BO and Shout, 1 in every other warcry except Grim Ward.

Further skillpoints will be spent on Iron Skin, I think.

Fully buffed, Taer had a bit over 4k life, AR around 12k, some 13k defense. All resists at 75 (Hell).

Gear selection was quite unsurprising, being an IK barb and all. Full IK set, Angelic amulet and ring, Ravenfrost. Couple of standard echoers on switch, nothing spectacular on charms, mostly life and two mediocre AR GCs. And oh, two Mastery skillers.

Might merc was used. His eq: The Reaper's Toll, ethereal Duriel's Shell and Tal Rasha's mask.

All in all, this was a very fun character to play. :smiley: I'm not quite sure what I'll do with him now that he's completed the game. I suppose running Pits and Cows perhaps for itamz is in order. Flayer Jungle p8 for sure! Focus on getting big piles of items, not so much hunting for gold and green, but for things like runes and socketed gear and such.

And of course, I will have to start a new character now... :scratch:


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Lol he said what he was doing next, looking for socket fillers. OT, your cat picture is scary youngdbl o_O

Just like Youngdbl keeps commenting the same thing, I'll make the same comment I've made twice now in other pat/mat threads: congratulations no doubt, but too bad you had to use twinked items. It's a lot harder when you only have maybe 1 good unique or set and a bunch of blues and rares as a melee :D I'm hypocritical haha once I get those nice items I'll twink like mad too but it always annoys me how bad untwinked melee has it -_-


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Lol I noticed that part but I meant what character will be next.
He did say he was starting a new one.

OT: my cat is the sexci.


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trihero said:
but too bad you had to use twinked items.
Hmmm, when was the last time you saw an untwinked IK Barb.... :rolleyes:

Congrats on the Pat, it might be an idea to pump some extra points into Find Item if you decide to pit run with him, I imagine you could hork some really nice items :smiley:


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Thanks for the conga rats. :grin:

I'm undecided on my next char. I kinda want to make another sorc (blizzballah), or another barb. Not sure about barb build though, frenzy, berserk and concentrate are all builds I'd like to do. I don't have any really über weapons though. Dual Lightsabre frenzier? :hide: Or Lightsabre + 'Crescent Moon' or 'Voice of Reason' Phase blade... But I want to make druid, assassin, amazon and paladin too! Heh. I really don't know yet.

As far as twinkage goes... this was my first well twinked character. My first SP char, necro, was obviously completely untwinked, since I play self-found. My sorc had Wizardspike and Tal's amulet and mask waiting for her, but that's it. Twinking is a lot of fun when it's something you've never done before. :grin:

Milb said:
Congrats on the Pat, it might be an idea to pump some extra points into Find Item if you decide to pit run with him, I imagine you could hork some really nice items :smiley:
That's an interesting idea. It's not like pumping Iron Skin further would change much, this character is pretty much untouchable as is. Too bad IK has cold damage, so many enemies shatter.