Patriarch Sundan


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Patriarch Sundan

Well, I collected some wealth during the last two years, and finally made one of these chars with top level equipment ... not runewords like eBotd, but some of the more rare unique items.

So here is Sundan, the fanatic zealot:

Character name : Sundan
Character type : Paladin
Character level : 84
Character exp : 987566144

Strength : 111
Energy : 15
Dexterity : 111
Vitality : 268
Stat Points Rem : 10
Skill Points Rem: 6

Life : 1113 / 1010
Mana : 198 / 139
Stamina : 435 / 415

Resists are 75/75/85/85, skills are the usual 20 sacrifice, 20 zeal, 20 holy shield, 20 fanaticism and some more for prereqs. 6 points are unspent, and I really don't know where to place these.


Weapon: Stormlash
Helm: Andariels Visage
Armour: Skullder's ire (PTopaz)
Boots: Goblin Toe (I have Gore Riders, but I prefer more CB over some critical... not that it really matters with this char)
Belt: Thundergod's Vigor
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Rings: Nagelring, Ravenfrost
Grim Emblem
Required Level: 40
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x244e1fe3
+11 to Energy
Fire Resist +10%
5% Mana stolen per hit
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
7% Damage Taken Goes to Mana

Gemmed Superior Heraldic Shield
Defense: 21
Chance to Block: 50%
Smite Damage: 3 to 9
Durability: 45 of 46
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0xf725392d
All Resistances +120
Increase Maximum Durability 15%
Socketed (4: 4 used) (4x PTopaz)

Charms: assorted resists and extra damage

Well, I never had such few problems with hell ancients (rerolled once because of fanat aura) and Baal as with this char. Gloams aren't a threat either, I just run up to them and smack them, even boss packs (unless they have conviction, I guess). I had OKs on WSK 3, handled them by running towards them and whack whack whack ... they didn't get a chance to cast IM. This char is the first one I feel being able to do Baal runs.

Wolfgang Abenteuer

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Grats on the Pat! Good to see I'm not the only person around who still enjoys playing a Fanatic Zealot. Good luck on your Baal runs! :thumbsup:



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Cormallon said:
Gemmed Superior Heraldic Shield
All Resistances +120
Socketed (4: 4 used) (4x PTopaz)
gg on the patriarch. :thumbsup: It's four perfect diamonds right?


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Congrats! Nice items.
:) Yeah, PDiamonds, otherwise it would have insane Lightning resist. :rolleyes:


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Uh, of course there are diamonds in the shield ;) I'm just too used to write ptopaz when it comes to sockets.

The name... well, almost all my chars have some random names, I use whatever crosses my mind when I create a char. The names have to 'fit' the type of char I'm about to create, but what 'fitting' names are, is just another obscure rule of mine. Dal-Riha, Tan-Tsu are sorceresses, Gilad, Sundan are pallies, Suluth, Tulak are barbs, Firana and Janina are zons, and so on.


The moment i read the title, i was thinking a spear barb using Hone Sundan.. Anyway, congrats Cormallon, and how about your merc?