Patriarch SummonMaster


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Patriarch SummonMaster

Most people use summon necro for their starting character because it's a very safe build able to solo hell untwinked and MF at the same time. But I've decided to build summon necro mainly because I have never finished the game with a Necromancer and because I simply wanted to try the "draws his strenght from others" approach. :wink3: After all it was time ... 11 PAT/MAT-s but no Necro so the 12th had to be Necro
(no Druid or Assassin yet) :hide:

So here he is ... Patriarch SummonMaster

Character screen

Base Values
STR: 85
DEX: 35 (yeah added 10 here)
VIT: 365
ENE: Base

Golem stats

Base Values
20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Fire Golem
20 Golem Mastery
1 Iron Golem
1 Decrepify
4 Corpse Explosion <- future points go here

HotO 38 all resistances
Shako with perfect topaz
Homunculus with perfect diamond
Mara's 28 all resistances
Skullder's with perfect topaz
Chance Guards 32%
Arachnid Mesh
2 * rings with life mana, mf, resistances (yeah no soj's) :sad2:
Gheed's 22%
*Spellsteel on switch*

NM Offensive
Insight Thresher
Tal Rasha's helm
Treachery Etheral Whyrmhide

He wasn't very fun to play I must admit. Maybe if I hadn't twinked ... I started and finished hell ACT 1 and Radament on /p5 but once I got to maggot's lair is gave up and returned to /p1. Of course then I began to understand the awesome power of Corpse Explosion on /p1 so I wasn't man enough to return to /p5 and I finished him on /p1. Yeah cheezy but it was my first necro pat so give me a break :)

Right before ancients I searched for a skill shire and once I found it I raised my Iron golem from IK maul. (socketed the IK maul with 2xETH runes) and went to the summit. Boy I was suprised how fast the ancients fell. It was something never seen before. I guess 12 skeletons with might + revived frenzytaurs + IG with crushing blow were too much for them.

However I did died once, in City of the Damned. I have just found Spellsteel and I played around with teleport ... :)

Hell hellforge gave me a HEL. I guess bad HF drops trend continues.

I was a bit disappointed beacuse I played with over 200 MF and have found nothing but then my old friend Thresh Socket decided to reward my patience. :)

Tnx for reading and sorry for long post but I'm bored :)


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didn't read ,too many links.
level link
summons link
golem link
best find link


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So basically you're saying that I should buy a digital camera, go nuts outside and stop making screenshots? ;)

Seriously thanks. I guess I love seeing screenshots in PAT/MAT threads and think everybody is like me :)


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is not that i'm against the links but i like to read what you have found, level, skills etc without going in links