Patriarch Sekiy - base vit Barb


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Patriarch Sekiy - base vit Barb

Heyo.. just Patriarched him 30 minutes or so ago. I'd call him a Titan but that would mean he had points in strength only, which isn't the case. I was a sissy and went for max block. I don't like pictures so you'll have to read most of his stats. :p


Character name : Sekiy (barb)
Character level : 77

Base Stats
Strength: 292
Energy: 10
Dexterity: 148
Vitality: 25

20 Concentrate/Battle Orders/Shout
15 Axe Mastery
1 Battle Cry
1 Battle Command
1 Natural Resistance
1 Increased Speed
1 Berserk
1 Prereqs.

Death Cleaver [Shael] (230ED/9 Life per kill, worst ED roll :\)
Stormshield [PDiamond]
Arreat's Face [Ith] (borrowed from my WW Barb, hence the Ith)
'Gloom' Wire Fleece
Gore Rider
Laying of Hands
Ravenfrost (20/243)
DL Ring (7LL/6ML/94AR)
Highlord's Wrath
String of Ears (15%DR/8LL)
'Spirit' Broad Sword and Heart of the Oak on switch, Demon Limb in cube.
4 GC's of Vita (40, 38, 37), Lightning Res charms, Shimmering GC/SC (+13/+4)

- 75% Block
- 13kish defense/22kish with conc
- 100% Deadly Strike
- Sekiy = Yikes backwards
- CtC Dim Vision on 'Gloom' is awesomesauce
- I died 4 times, OKs in WSK3, OKs in WSK3, Gloams in WSK2 (all hell), and Dolls in Throne Room (nightmare).
- No merc, one moron is enough (me, heh heh heh)
- No notable finds, Hellforges were terrible, Hel from Hell, etc.
- He is twinked to the teeth. (yes, teeth.. bling in his mouth and all)

This character was pretty fun to play, he struggled against Gloams in Hell, where Dim Vision saved his muscular rear a few times. Dolls were pains in the butt no matter the difficulty, just didn't have the health to survive an explosion. (or 3, *whistles*) It wasn't until I approached Hell Throne Room that I realized Taunt was my best friend, and from then on it was used liberally, even to yank away those dumb 2nd wave Unravelers from Decrep.

Hell Ancients were beat on the first roll, I miraculously just stood and tanked the three of them until they were slowly but surely defeated. (with the help of a few reds)

To summarize: Character fun, amazingly safe (unless I'm controlling him), and would probably be pretty cool to play with a Grief PB. (hint hint) I recommend trying one some time if you haven't. Go 2-handed though and don't be a wimp like me. :shocked:

He will probably be retired, used as a paperweight, etc. Next on the list is to make a Poison/Skellymancer with the DW I found during Pindlethon3. (I hate playing through Normal mode though, garrrrrrrrrr) Have a good Thursday everybody.


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Congrats on the Pat. I can just imagine how difficult it was with a base vitality melee build :shocked:


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How much life do you have after warcries?
797, so not too bad, but quite a bit lower than my other barbs.

yeah nebux, he's such a low level compared to most eh. I just decided to go for it, Battle Cry anything I was having trouble hitting.



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congrats on the pat, i could never build a base vit barb, i just find BO to bigger temtation to try and reach crazy life numbers