Patriarch Rohnic - Frost Zealot


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This guy had been sitting in Act I Hell when I got back to playing again, so I decided to go ahead and finish working on him. He makes my 4th Pat/Mat since my restart a few years ago (alongside a Fishymancer, Blizz sorc, and WW barb). He was twinked out with the best I had to offer him (my SC stash isn't as chock full of things I thought it might be).

Here's his stats:

Name:       Rohnic
Class:      Paladin
Experience: 1022918577
Level:      84

Strength:   89/160
Dexterity:  107/146
Vitality:   304/390
Energy:     15/43
HP:         1118/1238
Mana:       139/144
Stamina:    451/585
Defense:    26/1587
AR:         520/19320

Fire:       189/149/89
Cold:       186/146/86
Lightning:  193/153/93
Poison:     171/131/71

MF:         6       Block:      63
GF:         96       FR/W:       30
FHR:        27       IAS:        0
FCR:        0

Sacrifice: 20/29
Smite: 1/10
Holy Bolt: 1/10
Zeal: 20/29
Charge: 1/10
Vengeance: 1/10
Blessed Hammer: 1/10
Conversion: 1/10
Holy Shield: 1/10
Fist of the Heavens: 0/0

Might: 1/4
Holy Fire: 1/4
Thorns: 0/0
Blessed Aim: 0/0
Concentration: 0/0
Holy Freeze: 20/23
Holy Shock: 0/0
Sanctuary: 0/0
Fanaticism: 0/0
Conviction: 0/0

Prayer: 1/3
Resist Fire: 0/0
Defiance: 1/3
Resist Cold: 20/22
Cleansing: 1/3
Resist Lightning: 0/0
Vigor: 1/3
Meditation: 0/0
Redemption: 0/0
Salvation: 2/4

The gear:

Rohnic's Rose Branded Circlet of Life Everlasting (22 DR, socketed with -5/+4 level up cold facet)
Saracen's Chance
Crafted Blood Gloves (3 ML, 3 LL, 8 CB, 15 life, 29 LR)
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Gore Rider
Rare Ring #1 (108 AR, 3 LL, 5 life, 5 mana, 15 CR)
Rare Ring #2 (97 AR, 5 min dmg, 14 STR, 25 FR)
'Lawbringer' Phase Blade
Rohnic's Herald of Zakarum (pDiamond)
On Switch:
'Voice of Reason' Scourge
Blackoak Shield
2 combat skillers, 1 offensive aura skiller
random other charms (resists, life, poison dmg, FHR, 1 6% MF)

LCS screenshot at Baal:

He used Voice of Reason as his main weapon until late Act III, when I decided to make a Lawbringer do help deal with Cold Immunes and CI/PI. I put Lawbringer on Switch with a Moser's and ran Salvation. I found with the Decrepify I was killing things MUCH faster than with my main setup. Voice of Reason was fun with the Frozen Orbs going everywhere, but it just couldn't match the killing speed (and safety) of Decrepify combined with Holy Freeze. The only thing I missed was the Cannot be Frozen. I really thought I had a Ravenfrost lying around somewhere, but no. That would improve the AR as well (no Demon Limb either)

Once that switch was made, I pretty much coasted through the rest of the game without any issues. River of Flame was slightly troublesome with Amp casting witches combined with Gloams, but I toughed it out. Conversion helped some here.

In all, he was a very safe character to play and could easily have bumped up the difficulty if I wanted to. He'll probably see some play time every now and then to help hunt for even better gear. Assassin is the only class I have yet to reach Mat/Pat with, and this will probably be my last character to play twinked with for awhile. I get more enjoyment out of hunting for upgrades than I do just plugging in the gear and going to town.

I forgot his mercenary!

Mizan of the Might Aura, wielding Vamp Gaze, Duriel's Shell, and Hone Sundan (2xShael, Amn)
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Great, well done :). Lawbringer definitely adds a lot of safety.

Good luck with the Assassin :).