Patriarch Ragnar – The Rip Van Winkle Frenzier (1.09)


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Patriarch Ragnar – The Rip Van Winkle Frenzier

Level: 80

St – 118 (153)
Dx – 79 (127)
Vt – 282 (287)
En – 16 (21)

HP 1465 (after lvl12 BO 2461)
Mana 140 (after lvl12 BO 235)


Frenzy: 5393/5393
Berserk: 5172


Frenzy: 445 – 1144 / 439 – 1125 (622 – 1588 / 613 – 1562 after Might)
Berserk: 454 – 1704 (617 – 2321 after Might)


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Frenzy 20 (29)
Battle Cry: 20 (26)
Axe Mast: 20 (25)
Battle Order: 6 (12)
Double Swing: 4 (13)
Find Potion: 3 (9)
Find Item: 2 (8)
Natural Resistances 2 (7)
Throw Mast. 2 (7)

Bash, Leap, Stun, Double Throw, Concentrate & Berserk 1 (10)
Howl, Taunt & Shout 1 (7)
Increased Stamina, Increased Speed & Iron Skin 1 (6)


Weapon 1:

Butcher's Pupil (Shael)
Butcher's Pupil (Shael)

Weapon 2:

Boneslayer Blade

Arreat's Face
Naj's Light Plate
Goblin Toe
String of Ears
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Raven Frost & Manald Heal
Experts Skiller x2, Sounding Skiller, Resists & Sharp charms

Merc – Level 79 (Act 2 - Might)

Vampire Gaze
Duriel's Shell with resist all (14)
Hone Sundan with Amn x3

Random musings:

Why is he the Rip Van Winkle Frenzier? When I bought a copy of D2/LoD in August 2002, Ragnar was the first character I created. I finished Normal difficulty at level 38 and decided I didn’t like the Barbarian so I put him out to pasture. Next I started a necromancer, Torak, and he became the first of my 60+ Patriarchs/Matriarchs. All that time poor Ragnar slept, dreaming of the day when he would become a famed Patriarch, instead of a lowly Slayer. The day has finally come!!

Being the first character I played solo (I play D2 on and off beforehand, LANing at a mate's place), I made a few bad skill placements early on but I still had plenty of skill points to make Ragnar playable. And yes, he was very playable, going players8 all the way through Nightmare, players5 through Act 1 Hell and players3 through much of the rest of the game until I ran out of patience late in Act 4 and dropped it down to 1. I more or less kept to the plan I had when I started him but instead of using throwing axes to bypass the IM curse, I went for Berserk. That not only got around the IM curse, it meant the PI monsters dropped like flies too. He was rarely in any danger and had only one death that I can remember. Ragnar simply just kept rolling on.

My plan to finish off characters that I’ve got parked is going well. I’ve got a P&B necro in Act 2 Hell and a Blender in Act 1 Nightmare (both in 1.09) still to go, then I’m sort of at a loose end. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


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Quite awesome that you still have your first SP char! And that you finished it after all these years :)