Patriarch Pavarotti - the singing barbarian

Patriarch Pavarotti - the singing barbarian

Yes, my pat/mat #14 (second barb pat) has arrived as of about an hour ago.
Pavarotti - world famous tenor and big fat guy, was named after my barbarian, he's that damn good.
Anyway, here is my stats:

Character name : pavarotti
Character type : Barbarian
Character level : 84
Character exp : 984616080

Strength : 93
Energy : 60
Dexterity : 64
Vitality : 303
Stat Points Rem : 0
Skill Points Rem: 0

Life : 1633 / 1336
Mana : 907 / 66
Stamina : 1184 / 414

Resistances : 75/75/75/75

Items :
Arreat's face
Wizardspike (x2)
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Skullders Ire
Frost burns
Arachnid's mesh
bul kathos WB
+mana/life charms (x6 sc, x1 lc)
2 warcry skillers

Skills :
20 warcry
20 battle orders
20 howl
20 taunt
7 taunt
2 shout
1 battle command
1 leap
1 leap attack
1 increased stamina
1 nat res
1 iron skin
1 increased speed

Merc : lvl 83 HF merc
items :
Reapers toll
Tal rasha's horadric crest
Total LL: 25%

Thanks to duel weilding wizardspike my daggers alone gave me 150 res to all, so with arreats face, nat res and mara's, i was easily at max resistances. With BO i had over 3.5k life and 1.7k mana. War cry was doing around 900 damage and stunning for around 6.6 seconds, which in hell is a long time!
This build i was expecting to be tough, but actually, it was good fun. Once warcry was up and going, i was near unstopable. i cant recall getting hit by 1 single normal melee'er in hell. superuniques, uniques and champions do not instantly stun, i think theres a chance of stunning them, but most of them given logn enough would become stunned. I had gotten used to the technique of running striahgt into packs of ranged attackers first, keeping them stunned while the melee'ers would try to swarm me but get hit by warcry and be stuck themselves. This tactic made sure i was safe for 90% of the battles.
The minions were a joke, all of them beign stunned (inc lister) instantly while i stood in the middle of the entire pack without fear. It's a damn good feeling!
Baal himself was hard, since act bosses are totally immune to the stun effects so he continued to TP around and attack. the battle took abotu 15 minutes in hell, but was the exception to the rule. all other fights werre reletively easy.
Keeping my mana going was the biggest worry, i constantyl had full rejus or super mana potions in my belt, and often had to go back to town to stock up again.

If anyone is thinking about doing a iron barb, forget it. this build is much more fun, killing over 15 enemies at the same time while not getting scratched beats even the best iron barbs can manage.

And the most fun area? hell cows! no ranged, all single minded cows in huge herds. Leap attack into the bigegst of them, then watch as they all stop moving and die, often in unison. the word uber was designed to describe the singer in the moo moo farm.
Reborn2k said:
Congrats! :cool: How about us two doing a cow run? I could host...
:cool: Ok, whenever your ready. just sit back and watch me effortlessly jump into a herd of cows and come out totally fine.


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congrats on ur singing barb, i've only made one barb in my D2 life and it's my first charater. he sucked cos i didn't know how 2 play then, now i might consider making a singing barb myself


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Congrats, FB.

I made one on realm once, but I had quit realm before I finished.

I always had a question on my mind about them: How did you deal with PI monsters?


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Great job Fbob, I love to see barbs make pat, especially non-cookie ones. I'll get to a singer eventually.


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gratz on your new pat bob! :clap:
i'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your singer :thumbsup:
your build is different from mine, i spent some points in energy (yes, nrg) and that 1 point in leap attack :rolleyes:

small hint: try to get 10 more fc to hit the next breakpoint!


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I remember having a singing barb at bnet in 1.09. He was rather fun to harass people with in public duels.
@feceset: PI's mostly were broken with my mercs decrep (reapers toll) and if not, then just stunned and parked somewhere. there wasnt that many to worry about.
@ slappy: untwinked i dont know, mine was obviosuly twinked heavily, but it would be possible untwinked. the hardest part would be geting the mana IMO.
@fafner: most of hell was P1. i did some eldtrich and pindle runs on P5 for EXP. most of nm was done at P5 and higher.
@nobo: i wasnt totally sure what the breakpoints were, but if i only need 10 more, i'll see what i can find :thumbsup:
@isengart: my singing dstroyed the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. Your choir hasnt done anything like that recently has it? :p


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farting bob said:
@isengart: my singing dstroyed the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. Your choir hasnt done anything like that recently has it? :p
we are working on it, bob, believe me!

we are fighting one of the biggest enemies, mankind has to face - alcohol *lol*

Crazy Runner Guy

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And the top fcr for a barb is 7 fpc at 200%, which is doable, with different gear:

2x Wiz (100%)
Vipermagi (30%)
Arachnids (20%)
2x Bahamut's of the Apprentice (20%)
Trang's Gloves (20%)
And and 10% more from an amulet.

I have all that stuff crg (edit: actually i only have 1 bahamuts), but wearing it all would mean i would lose alot of +mana or mana regen stuff, so i would be in serious problems with that. i think i'll just get to 8fps.
Insidently, on only the second hell baal run this guiy made (it was in a mp game) another wizardspike dropped - whilst i was wearing 2. baal must have laughed at that 1...


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Nice job Farting Bob:) I had a Singer in 1.09 and the stun is very nice...the lack of mana is however very very bad. If you could easily max your resists why not try a Harlequinn Crest...that seems like a perfect helm for this build, also for a bit more MF goodness.


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Interesting character. Makes me want to try one.

Of note though, with dual wizard spikes + 3x Anya quests, you have 180 resist all, or, 80 resist all in Hell. So there's actually almost reason to put a point in Natural Resists. Crazy, eh? That's normally like the best one point wonder in the game.


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Nice job FB! So there is a use for all those sounding charms I have after all. I normally use a few but I have enuff to fill an inventory I think. One of these days I'll get around to a singer. Is there a guide? If not u should consider making an SP one.

IK barbs rock. i put on my full IK set last night and he just destroys all who fall in his path. i socketed my mace with a 15ias/12 max and a 15ias/27ed. very nice indeed.

Cheers K