Patriarch Miroku(1.10)


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Patriarch Miroku(1.10)

So I finally got around to just dragging my Wind Druid through the rest of hell.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean dragging as in it was hard, I just mean dragging as in it was boring.

Since I wanted to get it done fast as possible, I cruised through at /players 1. He could do plenty fine at /players 8, though(Except maybe against that Minotaur boss pack...). So here he is. Patriarch Miroku.

His gear is... "Meh" but yeah.


Elemental Tree

Shapeshifting Tree:

Summoning Tree

Harlequin Crest(PTopaz)
Mara's Kaleidoscope(24%)
Heart of the Oak(39%)
Skin of the Vipermagi(Um, 49%)
Trang-Oul's Claws
Trang-Oul's Girth
War Traveller
Stone of Jordan
Entropy Band
Required Level: 21
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 30
Fingerprint: 0x6ed5cc63
+83 to Attack Rating
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
Fire Resist +25%
Lightning Resist +23%
2% Mana stolen per hit
5% Chance to cast Level 3 Chain Lightning on attack

Charms Giving a Total Of:
+439 Life
+105 Mana
+14% Lightning Resist
+23% Poison Resist
+6% Fire Resistance

I could probably swap out a few charms and easily max out my resistances, but I didn't wanna. And it wasn't really needed that much.

I decided to skip using TGods since Cyclone Armor absorbed 1955 Elemental damage. Even though it doesnt count resistances, that pretty much rendered gloams harmless.

Trang-Oul's Claws and Girth gave +18 to fireball. After +skills that went up to 27. At one point I ran into a PI/CI that couldn't be broken with Decrepify. Desperate I swapped to the fireball. Surprisingly it worked. So I kept with that setup. Sadly in late act 5, quite a few monsters regenerated waaaaaay too fast.

Weeeeell... that's it.

He didn't have any interesting finds along the way from what I remember, and Hellforge in Hell dropped a Lem. :(


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Nice style points w/ Trangs. I made a HoTO especially for this character burning my last hopes for an Ohm anytime this year and I was disappointed. It's not a bad character, but can't MF as well as others that are much cheaper.

Edit: Any plans for further development (lvl 99 anyone?)


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Fafner said:
Any plans for further development (lvl 99 anyone?)
As I said in another place, I can see how str00j got his Windy to 99 with the gear he had. The sheer ease to kill things and not having to even blink at anything elemental.

If it wasn't for the fact I'm poor as far as proper gear goes, I would maybe think about it.

But, until that time, doubtful.


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Congrats dashums.

(yeah, you're so poor when it comes to gear... That guy looks basically untwinked. :lol: )


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Nice achievement. Yea agreed, those are really boring to play. No challenge at all to be honest. If everyone had the time, we'd seen alot of these going up to 99.


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Chimaira said:
Congratulations Serdash! Since when is a HOTO meh gear...:)
Since I could've used Spectral Shard and left out with the same ease.

Honestly if it wasn't for the fact I keep somehow losing interest in this game and never play as much as I'd like to, I would try some random whacky challenging builds.

For some reason the more I play, the more it loses what it used to be, no matter how hard I try to enjoy it, no matter which version I try to play. It's still the same game, the same story, the same characters, the same speeches, and just a whole different build all the way through.


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Go start hardcore. ;) That renewed my interest in the game a while back. Other than that... Maybe you need a teh break. I know I did 9 months ago. >_<


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Nightfish said:
Go start hardcore. ;) That renewed my interest in the game a while back. Other than that... Maybe you need a teh break. I know I did 9 months ago. >_<
I tried taking breaks.

It didn't work.

I tried hardcore.

I didn't get past act 3. Not from death, just out of getting bored easily because there wasn't much change, I do everything possible to NOT DIE in SC. So why would HC be different except on the one or two times I slip up I have to start over? No fun there.


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Dunno, to me a HC char feels different from a SC one, even if I always played my SC chars like they were HC. It just wasn't quite the same. And of course it gave me a reason to MF again since I was sorta done MFing in SC. Finding something useful is always nice.

Well, failing all else you can always quit playing. It's not like that was the end of the world. There's other things to do if you don't have anything left to try in D2. I'm still having a good time playing new chars and writing new guides so that'll keep me busy for a while. In the end I want to have used pretty much each skill on at least one build. (hence the recent plague javelin zon) Maybe you still need to find what's fun for j00. :p


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GG on the pat, Dashy. :thumbsup:

try something really wierd. Like my disciple spartan or maybe you should think of what really interests you in the game.


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lol Dashy.

i successfully took a very lengthly time-out lately, and started playing again about 2 months ago, although i know i tried to take time-outs a couple of times and felt so lost with all the spare time i had i just wound up doing loads of mfing. - bearing that in mind you could try find me another +2 Valor for my Kickersin and i'm keen to get hold of a Boneshade Lich Wand ;) whatcha waitin for? get mfing already :p

:) matt


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Just wanna state I lied about no good finds.

I did find one pretty freakin awesome charm.

Serpent's Grand Charm of Vita
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 69
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0xe847aeeb
+39 to Life
+54 to Mana


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DX-Crawler said:
Congratz to your patty

And a real nice charm, hmm item level 80 looks familiar, maybe LK

I can't remember exacly where I found it, but I was happy when I did. I tend to find a lot of Serpent's Grand Charm of <Life Mod>. But none of them that good.