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Patriarch MasterGomez, 1.09 Minion/Melee Artillary Necro (MMAN) de

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by RobbyD, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. RobbyD

    RobbyD Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Patriarch MasterGomez, 1.09 Minion/Melee Artillary Necro (MMAN)

    I am extremely pleased to present Patriarch MasterGomez, my sixth Mat/Pat and first Necromancer.

    MasterGomez represent #6 of the 1.09 Septumvariate I have as one of my goals before moving on to 1.10+, and also, surprisingly, is the first character that I consider an "Honorary Guardian" in that he never died once before becoming a Patriarch.

    On to the details:


    Level 79

    Str 106/130
    Dex 154/180
    Vit 200/222
    Ene 25/66

    Endgame Resists: 70/64/79/80

    P&B Skills:

    Poison Dagger 1/13 (w/Blackrog's) <-- Main melee skill
    Poison Nova: 8/19 (w/Blackrog's) <-- Wasted points
    Corpse Explosion: 20/30 (w/White)
    Bone Spear: 20/35 (w/ White)


    All: 1/14


    Golem Mastery: 16/24 (28 with casting gear)
    Iron Golem: 1/9 (17 with casting gear)
    Revives: 2/10


    Helm: Shako with [email protected] jewel
    Ammy: Rare "Plague Noose" (+2Dex, +19Ene, 11/25/11/11, +2 Curses)
    Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi ([email protected], 12 MDR) with 29%LR/7FHR jewel
    Weapon/Shield 1: Blackrog's Sharp (89AR/1-91 lightning damage jewel)/Homunculus (pDiamond)
    Weapon/Shield 2: "White" Bone Wand (+3 Bone Spear staffmod)/Homunculus (pDiamond)... the wand was shopped from Normal Drognan
    Belt: Thundergod's Vigor (yeah, 120 str req, but this is a part melee character, so the Lightning absorb is absolutely critical for survival in 1.09)
    Rings: Raven Frost (19Dex, 202AR), Stone of Jordan
    Gloves: Venom Grip
    Boots: Silkweave

    Charms: 3xHexing GCs, 2xGraverobber's GCs, 1xFungal GC, Serpent's GC of Vita, Serpent's GC of Balance, 3xToxic SCs, etc.

    Merc: Act 2 HF Merc (Vamp's Gaze, "Smoke" eth Loricated Mail, Hone Sundan (AmnAmnShael)

    NM HF: Pul
    Hell HF: Pul

    Master Gomez is what I have dubbed a Minion/Melee Artillary Necromancer (MMAN) in that the build takes elements from the Minion-Based Artillary Necromancer (MBAN) build but also makes use of pumped poison damage using Blackrog's Sharp with Poison Dagger (along with 3x Toxic Small Charms in inventory) and the poison and CB from Venom Grips to get into the fray himself. The driving idea here is so that he's not at the mercy of the Merc and Golem being able to do all the tanking. To help out, he totes a Homunculus with a pDiamond in each weapon switch (Dex pumped to keep 75% blocking) and always keeps a Bone Shield up. For PIs (unbreakable in 1.09), Lower Resists with the poison and level 35 Bone Spear on switch were used.

    A couple of NDEs - Hell Duriel just about took him out (full bulb + fresh Bone Armor) in one hit - the bulb looked mighty empty, and Hephasto put a serious hurt on him after taking out the crew. Otherwise he usually had time to get to town as his posse bit the dust.

    My blog has posts detailing MasterGomez's progression, so I'll just point out some nutshell experiences and observations:

    - A pure P8 Minion approach was viable through Hell Act 2 (well, I forced it through the Tombs). Anything non-PI was just fodder to the mix of Might merc and Amp. But the PI bosses were too much on P8 by Hell Act 3. That's when he turned into an artillary necro.
    - CE on P1 worked as expected, but I only ended up relying on it for really tough groups - I really preferred the minion/melee approach (Durance was cake with reviving those Fetish Dolls).
    - Tanking with the Sharp DID (in my opinion) indeed help greatly with Act Bosses - Merc and Golem tended to stay alive in boss fights (Ancients were an expected exception).
    - Amp Damage simply doesn't attach to PIs in 1.09 (they don't get the red flame). A good way to use this is to apply Lower Resists to a boss pack with a PI unique first, and then Amp.
    - Once I lowered to P1, LR + Bone Spear (as weak as it is, even at level 35)WAS actually an effective PI killer (LR + CE worked nicely as well). LR makes a noticable impact on Bone Spear effectiveness.
    - The Poison delivered from PD, Blackrog's Sharp, Venom Grips, & Toxic SCs was also quite effective on P1, especially with LR. With a really tough PI boss, I would LR, stab, then switch and spam with Bone Spear. With this approach, nothing really stopped progress. Endgame was easier than I expected.
    - If you pump Dex for blocking, you CAN actually hit monsters with PD. I only went with 1 point + skillers and an AR jewel, and he hit a decent amount. Of course an Eth rune would have made this irrelevant, but I hated to waste all those Dex points.
    - Poison Nova was worthless - I pumped it a little in lieu of Golem Mastery to my ultimate regret - I think you really just need to stick with your direct damage skill of choice and max it out. PN is probably awesome sufficiently invested in, but didn't help with my build. Stabbing delivered much more poison.

    Future Plans:
    Either retirement or cows.

    Next Character:
    1.09 Assassin (#7 of the Sept) - Blender/Phoenix Strike build.
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  2. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Re: Patriarch MasterGomez, 1.09 Minion/Melee Artillary Necro (MMAN)

    Very nice character!
  3. RobbyD

    RobbyD Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Re: Patriarch MasterGomez, 1.09 Minion/Melee Artillary Necro (MMAN)

    Thanks, SnickerSnack. I started my Sin last night, and got her to level 15, so I'm on the last lap of my Sept goal.

    On gameplay, I find a fast hitting melee character much more in line with my style than the Necro.

    I think I might take this opportunity to get a little more into how I played this Necro.

    Early game was basically hitting with weapons stuffed with jewels of envy, especially since that's how his major melee attack would work. P8 through Normal and NM - up to level 30, he was basically using Amp to boost the merc's damage and, when it became available, the Iron Golem's damage.

    I actually had Mana issues very early on using Poison Dagger (before Blackrog's Sharp became available, he was using The Jade Tan Do), so I got used to farming blue pots (since you can't shop blue pots in 1.09), but mana eventually became a non-issue. He actually had Blood Mana cursed on him in Normal and Nightmare Act 5 (Serpent's GCs are very unerrated).

    The Iron Golem was amazingly durable while I had it on P8 - for a very long time, my only IG losses were due to poofing. I had to be careful not to get too far ahead of the crew, which was a challenge (due to my play style).

    Amp just made the damage from the Merc ridiculous - nobody makes a Merc shine like a Necro. Once revives were on the menu, the typical engagement went like this:

    1. See baddies, cast Amp.
    2. Go around and find the boss/reviver and stab it while minions take on the crowd
    3. Revive monsters as they fall
    4. Engage other monsters that run away from group
    5. Find next group, lose 5 of the 8 revives because they can't keep up (this was NOT the case with flayers, BTW - they make excellent revives).

    This approach worked just fine until the PIs of Hell. For bosses, having a minion crew and tanking with Blackrog's and Venom Grip (ST, poison, CB) made no boss fight really that bad.

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