Patriarch Malkuth - SC Wolfbarb


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This is my first pat thread. I loved this wolf so much I just had to make it :)
I hope I’m doing this thread right. If not, please correct me.

Name: Malkuth
Class: Wolf-Barb
Level: 85

Strength: 275/290
Dexterity: 64/112
Vitality: 171/180
Energy: 10/20

Resists (with Natural resistance):
Fire: 75
Cold: 55
Lightning: 69
Poison: 45

MF: 0
GF: 0
FR/W: 30
FHR: 22
IAS: 90
FCR: 25

Bash: 1/2
Berserk: 3/4

Sword Mastery: 20/21
Increased Stamina: 1/2
Iron Skin: 20/21
Increased Speed: 13/14
Natural Resistance: 13/14

Howl: 1/5
Shout: 1/5
Battle Orders: 20/24
Battle Command: 1/5

Helm: Wolfhowl (6/3/6) with 36% ed, +5 max dmg jewel
Armor: Fortitude (28 all res)
Weapon: eth Oath (288% ed) in Highland Blade (2h)
Gloves: Laying of Heands
Belt: String of Ears (7ll, 15% dr)
Boots: Gore Rider
Ring 1: Raven Frost (246 AR, 18 dex)
Ring 2: Raven Frost (234 AR, 19 dex)
Amulet: Highlord’s Wrath
Shield: None
Switch: 2x Spirit in Crystal Sword
Charms: Various resistance, max dmg and AR charms.

Merc: Guardian Angel, Kira’s Guardian (70 all res), eth Reaper’s Toll.


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- I leveled him as WW barb until he could equip Wolfhowl. Leveling was slow and dull.
- This guy is super fast and effective. Granted, I played Hell on p1, but apart from a bit slower progress in Chaos Sanctuary, he was a breeze. He smashed Ball’s minions in no time and Baal himself in a minute or two.
- I thought resistances will pose a problem. They did not.
- The defense of this guy is just insane.
- Mana burners were a problem, but not a game changing drawback.
- Wolfbarb are super fun, fast and easy to play. He just cuts through most of enemies like through butter.
- I would recommend this build to almost anyone. Anytime. Probably most fun D2 build I’ve ever tried.
- Too bad there’s not much to do with him. He has 0 MF and he’s not that effective in Pits, AT or anywhere.
- Future plans: I’ll probably run Baal with him a little. I spawned an almost perfect WSK map and would like to make some useof it. Other than that I don’t really know at the moment.

Thanks for reading ;)
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Yes, some nice potential bases did drop but I did not make a record of them. He did find Rixot's Keen, a grailer for me, and Hellforge was Gul.

It seems I made a lady out ot my barb :D Is it possible to correct thread name to "Patriarch"?


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Haha, maybe you're right! :)
That reminded me of some ring in Baldur's Gate that changed characters gender. And it was cursed, so you could not remove it without some spell :D


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Not to mention the fabled scroll discovered by the most esteemed pinnacle of conjurer virtue from Thay in the second game...

You know, now you are practically honour-bound to write Malkuths interesting backstory. We're waiting.


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Congratulations on the (now fixed) Patriarch.

What base was the Oath in? Was it 2h you didn’t say what was in the off hand?


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You know, now you are practically honour-bound to write Malkuths interesting backstory. We're waiting.
I know :D But I'm actually making my living with writing, so D2 is my not-writing time :p

What base was the Oath in? Was it 2h you didn’t say what was in the off hand?
Forgot to mention about weapon. It's made in eth Highland Blade (I'll edit original post). I used it previously with WW barb and just kept it when respec'd to Wolfbarb. It's 388-558 dmg (2 handed). I actually used eth Death as offhand for some time but the damage is higher with 2h Oath. There's perhaps room for improvement here.
Oh, and thanks for correcting the gender ;)


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I always wanted to make a wolf barb, but am put off by the lvl requirement of Wolfhowl. There needs to be a low lvl item that lets you change into a spirit wolf or something. :confused:


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Yeah, the level is sadly very high ... After I was able to use Wolfhowl, I went back to Normal and Nightmare and did all the quests I missed the first time around and even went to find all Waypoints. He was just so much fun :)