Patriarch Killer, P&B Necro (1.09)


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Patriarch Killer, P&B Necro.

Level: 78

St – 60 (67)
Dx – 113 (178)
Vt – 260 (267)
En – 47 (54)

HP 1003
Mana 688

B Spirit: 466 – 476
P Nova: 631 – 665
P Dagger: 606 – 784


Fire: 80
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Poison Dagger: 20 (32)
Poison Nova: 20 (31)
Bone Spirit: 20 (27)
Corpse Xpl: 12 (19)

All the Curses: 1 (12)
Clay Golem, Golem Mastery & Summon Resist: 1 (11 (13 s. resist) on switch)
Bone Armour, Teeth, Poison Xpl & Bone Spear: 1 (8)


Weapon 1:

Blackbog's Sharp
Homunculus with pdiamond

Weapon 2:

Arm of King Leoric
Golemlord's Gargoyle Head with +2 Summon Resist & 2 pdiamond.

“Um” Harlequin Crest
Skin of the Vipermagi with +14 Resist all Jewel
Trang-Oul's Claws
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Bahamut's (+111) Ring of Fortune & Raven Frost

Merc (Act 2 – BA)

Duriel's Shell with +14 Resist All Jewel
Hone Sundan with Amn x3

Random musings:

Another blast from the past but not quite one from the dawn of time as Ragnar was. The Key file on this one said December 2004 before I changed the key setting and updated the file. From the very beginning this build was designed to primarily be a poison and bone necro and, other than a bit of a meat shield (clay shield?), I chose to keep it as one. I used Blackbog's Sharp and Poison Dagger all the way into the middle of Nightmare, long after it stopped being the most efficient way of killing things. The BA merc was fantastic during this time, ensuring that the dagger struck true the vast majority of the time. I was thinking of swapping him out for another but I thought that he started the journey almost 11 years ago; it would be a shame to not let him see it though. I also never bothered to swap my Blackbog's Sharp out for something better; there really wasn’t any reason to do so.

Like the majority of 1.09 builds, it is difficult to stuff it up; even with 20 points in Poison Dagger that I really didn’t use again in the second half of the game. I decided to go down the maximum block route for no other reason than I was putting points into dexterity to help with the AR early in the game, as good a reason as any I suppose. The combination of Amp Dam, P Nova then CE and the merc chewed its way though most monster packs. Against PI packs it was simply changed to Lower Resist, P Nova, sometimes a B Spirit or two then CE. That worked a treat. Most of the time B Spirit was saved for Bosses and the tougher Elites; I didn’t really need it too much overall. My gumby just gave another target for the monster’s attacks and soaked up the damage as it was suppose to do. They were three skillpoints that were certainly not wasted! In the end it was just a consistently good, no frills build that never shone brightly but never let me down either.


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how many across the various versions now?
I did a count just yesterday and I've got 68 SP mats/pats, one bnet pat* and a SP guardian.

*I know I had another bnet champion, but I cannot remember whether or not I finished it before a ladder change.