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Patriarch John Mandrake, the branded bowmancer

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by zaphodbrx, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    For those who haven't read the Bartimaeus series, John Mandrake is the alter ego, or alias of Nathaniel, the young magician. He takes the field armed with the crossbow of doom, using his trusty bone walls and amp damage and a faithful rogue by his side.

    John Mandrake is also very particular about his items and he likes only expensive 'brand'ed stuff. While other necromancers might be content to hang around Charsi or Gheeds, he orders all his stuff online from

    Deadly strike: 67%
    Bone spear cast: 1108-1174 magic damage


    20 Teeth, Bonewall, Bone prison, Bone spirit ( synergies to bone spear and bone armor )
    9(13) Amplify damage ( the rest )
    1 Decrepify, clay golem, summon resist, etc.


    'Brand' Colossus Crossbow
    'Fortitude' eth Kraken shell
    Andariel's Visage (30/10, fire resist/ias jewel )
    Highlord's wrath
    Laying of hands
    Gore rider
    Nature's peace
    Switch - Call to arms ( 6 bo ), spirit monarch

    Merc: A1 fire rogue with Faith greatbow, fortitude, andariel's visage

    Inventory: Resists, life, max dmg, AR

    Gear readouts

    Superior Colossus Crossbow
    Two-Hand Damage: 119 to 339
    Required Dexterity: 77
    Required Strength: 163
    Required Level: 65
    Crossbow Class - Slow Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0x5d575415
    +261% Enhanced Damage
    +12% Enhanced Damage
    +3 to Attack Rating
    Ignore Target Defense
    Prevent Monster Heal
    20% Bonus to Attack Rating
    323% Damage to Demons
    20% Deadly Strike
    Fires Explosive Arrows
    100% Chance to cast Level 18 Bone Spear on striking
    35% Chance to cast Level 14 Amplify Damage when struck
    Socketed (4: 4 used)
    Kraken Shell
    Defense: 3429
    Durability: 17 of 25
    Required Strength: 164
    Required Level: 61
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0x787cc800
    +200% Enhanced Defense
    +300% Enhanced Damage
    +15 Defense
    Damage Reduced by 7
    Fire Resist +29%
    Lightning Resist +29%
    +5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
    Cold Resist +29%
    Poison Resist +29%
    Replenish Life +7
    +1 to Light Radius
    25% Faster Cast Rate
    12% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
    20% Chance to cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when struck
    +119 to Life (Based on Character Level)
    Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (4: 4 used)
    Andariel's Visage
    Defense: 336
    Durability: 20 of 20
    Required Strength: 102
    Required Level: 83
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0xf3ed9339
    +30 to Strength
    +117% Enhanced Defense
    Fire Resist -5%
    Poison Resist +70%
    +10% to Maximum Poison Resist
    10% Life stolen per hit
    35% Increased Attack Speed
    +2 to All Skill Levels
    15% Chance to cast Level 15 Poison Nova when struck
    Level 3 Venom (20/20 Charges)
    Socketed (1: 1 used)
    Highlord's Wrath
    Required Level: 65
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: **
    Fingerprint: 0xa9a35370
    Lightning Resist +35%
    Adds 1-30 lightning damage
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    +1 to All Skill Levels
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 15
    32% Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)
    Raven Frost
    Required Level: 45
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 83
    Fingerprint: 0x5a2ddafc
    +16 to Dexterity
    +40 to Mana
    +205 to Attack Rating
    Adds 15-45 cold damage over 4 seconds
    20% Cold Absorb
    Cannot Be Frozen
    Nature's Peace
    Required Level: 69
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0x6886044a
    Damage Reduced by 7
    Poison Resist +30%
    Slain Monsters Rest In Peace
    Prevent Monster Heal
    Level 5 Oak Sage (27/27 Charges)
    Gore Rider
    War Boots
    Defense: 154
    Durability: 34 of 34
    Required Strength: 94
    Required Level: 47
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 71
    Fingerprint: 0xe5511a2a
    +20 to Maximum Stamina
    +187% Enhanced Defense
    +10 Maximum Durability
    Requirements -25%
    30% Faster Run/Walk
    10% Chance of Open Wounds
    15% Chance of Crushing Blow
    15% Deadly Strike
    Sharkskin Belt
    Defense: 104
    Durability: 14 of 14
    Required Strength: 20
    Required Level: 32
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 43
    Fingerprint: 0xc78ad37a
    +15 to Dexterity
    +143% Enhanced Defense
    +10 to Maximum Damage
    +15 Defense
    Piercing Attack [33]
    Attacker Takes Damage of 87 (Based on Character Level)
    John_Mandrake's Laying of Hands
    Bramble Mitts
    Defense: 86
    Durability: 12 of 12
    Required Strength: 50
    Required Level: 63
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0x229b9b7f
    +25 Defense
    Fire Resist +50%
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    350% Damage to Demons
    10% Chance to cast Level 3 Holy Bolt on striking


    Well, not very much to say here. He was played under the same restrictions as my meleemancer - No skeletons, revives, CE, no vitality, players 5 hell. He did very well and nothing was really a problem. Two deaths. Tactics were, amp everything, slap down strategic bone walls, kill everything.

    Some comments on itemization. Since this character doesn't get hit too much, bone armor isn't too useful and it doesn't get overwritten by chilling all the time, so fortitude was an obvious choice. Now I didn't want to use my wire fleece forti because Necros look terrible in it. Could have made a forti archon, but I realized I can use my eth bug kraken shell merc forti as it only has 1 more str req than a colossus crossbow anyway. Durability loss was a concern, but during the entire questing the durability only went down from 25 to 17, so it was fine.

    Any character using Andy's is a pain to equip- I used pamethyst Guillames till lvl 83, and Andy's gives 5 extra str but I didn't bother to respec that. Faith rogue is quite suited for these types of builds, she can shoot over bonewalls, provides an alternate type of damage via fire arrows, procs some tough revives,provides some dmg and AR and boosts attack speed to 11fpa even with a somewhat slow and bulky weapon.

    I did use enchant sometimes but mostly the ITD on the weapon was good enough, though it noticeably slowed down against bosses and champions. My AR without enchant was about 5.1k. The fire damage from enchant adds on to explosive arrow splash, though it's not really relevant in this case.

    Things that could fire through bonewalls - such as serpent's spears, gloams lightning, etc. were a problem. I kept a Tgods in my stash to swap on some times. Heavy PIs such as moon lords, death berserkers etc. were also difficult, I rerolled some areas because of them.

    The ctc bonespears are of course incredibly cool, but they were only a small part of my damage. Still, this thing has ITD, knockback, great damage, not to be trifled with. Oh and a big bonus to demons, which I noticed that anything Demon was killed really fast.


    Bonewalls, bonewalls, more bonewalls
    De Seis, Four bosspacks, Ancients


    Gul, Gul ( hellforge )
    Dracul's grasp ( 10 LL 14 str ), warshrike ( 234 ed ), Tal's belt ( 15%), 4/4 cold facet, etc.
    Lion Branded skiller of sustenance ( 26 life )
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    Nice build! But by far the best part is the name. That series was incredible

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