Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot


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Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

Icefalcon is your more-or-less standard Frost Zealot. I actually finished him a few months ago but I was waiting to find two more Lem runes so I could try him with Voice of Reason and Lawbringer before reporting. Since I cleverly forgot to get a dump from Go Mule after I killed Baal, I had to reconstruct his gear from memory. (I'm not totally sure about the rings and a few charms, but everything else I'm sure of.)

Icefalcon is my first Paladin. He was named after a character from Barbara Hambly's Darwath books. I'm not actually an especially huge fan of eitheir the books or the character (I mean, I don't hate them or anything -- they're OK). But, I liked the name, and I thought it suited a Frost Zealot.

He was also my first -- and last -- 1.12 melee character. I upgraded to 1.13 as soon as I'd killed Baal, but I figured I should experience 1.12 Chaos Sanctuary at least once with a melee character. (It was as miserable as I'd heard. I got impatient. Icefalcon died a LOT.)

Stats (WITH gear, from my Baal-corpse trophy-LCS-screenshot):
Level : 84
Strength: 164
Dexterity: 143
Vitality: 230
Energy: 15
HP: 968
Mana: 179

Fire: 75
Cold: 47
Lightning: 75
Poison: 85

Sacrifice: 9/13
Zeal: 20/24
Vengeance: 1/5
Holy Shield: 5/9
Holy Freeze: 20/23
Resist Cold: 20/23
Salvation: 14/17
1 point in all prereqs

I thought the point in Vengeance would be useful for dealing with immunities, but as it turns out I never used it. Immunities were NOT an issue in the slightest.

Weapon 1: 'Crescent Moon' Phase Blade
Weapon 2: Naj's Puzzle
Armor: 'Treachery' Scarab Husk
Headgear: Andy's Visage (socketed: Ral rune)
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath
Boots: Goblin Toe
Belt: String of Ears
Gloves: Laying of Hands
Shield: 'Rhyme' Sacred Rondache (wound up +53 resist all)

Rings: Er... I don't actually remember, as I cleverly removed them before dumping his info. I know one was a rare mana steal ring, and I think the other was a rare life steal ring, the latter swapped for Nature's Peace when it seemed useful to do so.

Lion Branded Grand Charm of Life (+1 combat skills, +13 life)
Gheed's Fortune (+31% MF)
Steel Grand Charm of Sustenance (+130 to AR, +35 to life)
A bunch of resist charms, a few FRW charms

Isolde, Act 1, Fire Rogue
Armor: 'Treachery' Dusk Shroud
Weapon: 'Harmony' Diamond Bow
Headgear: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

Normal and Nightmare were Players 8 except for the Ancients, Hell was Players 1.
Hellforges were Amn/Lum/Mal.

First up... I don't really care for the Paladin's voice-acting much. Prior to Icefalcon I'd played some Amazons and a Sorceress. The Amazon comes across to me as someone who'd be fun to hit a few bars with. The Sorceress seems more cold and analytical, but that works for me. But the Paladin sort of sounds like a bit of a self-righteous prig, you know? Also, in-game he's sort of pinheaded. (I actually liked him better once I put Andy's Visage on him... it's an ugly helm, but at least it made his head bigger.)

He was really fun to play, though. Very basic, go-up-to-bad-guys-and-whack-them most of the time. Since he was doing 4 kinds of damage, immunities didn't matter so much. Sure, cold, lightning, or physical immunes took a little bit longer to go down... but they all went down fast enough.

His only problem was when he got surrounded by TOO big a crowd. That's when the Naj's Puzzler on switch and Isolde came in. I teleported back, a few of the mobs split off and came after me. Isolde softened them up as they approached, then Icefalcon finished them. I pulled a few multi-corpse corpse recoveries that way, too, running instead of teleporting. The hiding-behind-the-merc's-skirts theory of corpse recovery.

Re: Iolde. Well, I can't argue that she's a better choice than an Act II Might Merc carrying The Reaper's Toll would have been. But I thought it would be nice to use an Act I Merc for a change, and to have a ranged merc with my melee character. Also, she was fun, and pretty durable. The teleport on switch helped a lot there -- when she got surrounded, I could snatch her back. Besides crowd thinning and corpse recovery (as described above) there were a couple of spots -- Hell areas of Act V, mostly -- where I ended up with all the monsters trapped on the other side of a lava moat. I got up, got a drink, got a snack, and came back to find Isolde had cleared out the mobs for me. Cool. The Harmony's Vigor aura made the Goblin Toe boots bearable. And, really... would Icefalcon have replaced Isolde and her little leather getup with strapping bearded Act II merc? He may be a prig, but he'd not dead.

String of Ears, which he promptly wore
Cold Level-Up Rainbow Facet (My first Rainbow Facet)
Thunderstroke Matriarchal Javelin (new toy for my Fishyzon)

Although I ended up going with a Crescent Moon Phase Blade as a weapon, I really wanted to go back and try him with Lawbringer and Voice of Reason Phase Blades as well. Sadly, I'd used all my Lems on Treacheries and the Countess wasn't being generous to my Meterorb. So I had to wait until I found two more Lems.

I didn't run numbers or do scientific tests, just played with both blades in 1.13 Chaos Sanctuary until I got tired of being killed by Infector of Souls and his pack. Then I switched to the Pits, instead.

Voice of Reason has fabulous crowd control on a Frost Zealot, obviously. But it slowed down quite a bit on cold immunes.. not as badly in the Pits, because the CIs there are all demons or undead, which get that big ED. But when I happened to run into non-demon, non-undead CIs running to and from various areas... MAN, his kill speed plummeted.
It would be fun for running an area with few cold immunes, though. Ancient tunnels... except the poison might be annoying. River of Flame, that doesn't usually have CIs?

I confess, I didn't really know what Sanctuary did when I made Lawbringer. I just figured it wouldn't hurt. But... well... I don't actually really like Knockback all that much. I mean, I know it's popular, and it's definitely handy for corpse retrieval, but I kind of like monsters to hold still so I can kill them, you know? Chaos Sanctuary was certainly SAFER with Lawbringer, since 2 of the 3 main monster types were too busy bouncing off walls to attack. But I found chasing them down to kill them annoying.

I did mess with putting Lawbringer on switch with Crescent Moon -- use Lawbringer to clear out the Venom Lords while playing pinball with everything else, then switch to Crescent Moon to make the remaining monsters stay put while Icefalcon zeals them. Maybe I'll mess with it some more. But I'm just SO addicted to having that Teleport on switch!
Voice of Reason with Crescent Moon on switch to deal with CIs was a non-starter. With Holy Shield running I found it too hard to tell which weapon I had active. I'd have to make another VoR or Crescent Moon in a non-Phase-Blade. (Lawbringer wasn't so bad because the ground-sparkles-like-Twilight-vampire effect made it pretty clear what I had active.)

Now that I've tried all of them, I'm happy with my choice of Crescent Moon for questing. Yeah, it didn't synergize with my cold damage the way VoR would, but the lightning damage and higher physical damage meant that Icefalcon could deal handily with any monster, no matter what the immunity. I was so pleased with my Crescent Moon Frost Zealot, I'm almost tempted to make a Tesladin with VoR to see how THAT works!

Well, I figure Icefalcon and Isolde went back to Kurast and the Temple of Zakarum at first. But, Mephisto-controlled or not, they were still a little touchy about the whole Icefalcon-killed-the-entire-Council thing there. So, they went back to Isolde's homeland, near the Rogues. There they restored one of the abandoned cottages, acquired some non-Hell-Bovines, and settled down to make little Paladins and live happily ever after.

Er... right. Not really sure. I might run some stuff with him. Like I said, River of Flame seems tempting. Any other thoughts? I'd do more Chaos Sanctuary runs, but I have to figure out how to stop dying to Infector of Souls first.

As for other characters... like I said, I actually patted Icefalcon a couple months ago. So I've currently got a Druid in Act V Hell, an Enchantress in Act V Nightmare, and a Fishymancer who's just finished Normal. That should keep me busy for a bit.


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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

Sounds like an interesting character, the only elemental aura pally I've ever made was an HF/HS Ranger, so maybe I'll try one of these.

I would have serious reservations about running RoF with one though, as I know that those spawner things are CI there. (I think they're called Grotesques maybe?) And those types are seriously annoying with your primary attack gimped. Although you should have might as a pre-req, right? Did you ever switch to that for CI's, and if so how effective was it?


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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

He was fun!

They do, but they don't seem to be there all the time, and I don't think there are any other possible CIs there. Since RoF is so easy to get to, I was thinking of just re-starting the game any time Grotesques popped up. Not the most efficient thing in the world, but if I were going for efficient I'd probably use a different character. :)

You're right, it is... and I didn't. I didn't think of that at all! I'll definitely have to try it. The Static and Chain Lightening on Crescent Moon really helped with CIs, too.


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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

Grats on the pat!

My first character starting SP post 1.10 was a Frost Zealot. Lotta fun, but he ultimately only made it to NM Meph to run for items to make a Barb. I do have a Tesladin, though. He uses an Azurewrath, and I can attest to the irritation of the Sanctuary aura, especially in the CS where it knocks the ghost through the walls and they keep me mana drained until Diablo spawns.

As far as runs go, he would do REAL well in the Mausoleum. All the enemies are LI and undead, so the Sancuary aura and fire/cold damage on Lawbringer will neuter them. The corridors are narrow enough that you won't have to do much chasing from the knockback. No elemental damage either, except from bosses, so you can neglect your resists a bit and load up on MF. The main drawback is low monster density, but the Vigor aura should speed you between packs relatively quickly. Get some War Travs to boost your pathetic physical damage for the puposes of leech. Good god, this sounds awesome, I've nearly sold myself on it!



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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

No War Travs yet (I have found two pairs of Gore Riders in the meantime, though) but I'll have to give the Mausoleum a try. My main concern would be lack of leech... he can't leach from the undead, right?


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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

You can leech from the Zombies (heavy penalty without Sanctuary aura), but not the Skeletons. Dracul's would allow you to leech from them, but would get constantly overwritten by Decrepify.

Anything with Damage Taken Goes to Mana would put you in good shape, but with knockback, HF and Decrep, you shouldn't be getting hit much.

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Re: Patriarch Icefalcon - Frost Zealot

Congrats on the Frostie. I know Blizz sorcs run the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2 a lot, your Zealot should do fine there as well.

Wingsrising said:
settled down to make little Paladins and live happily ever after.