Patriarch Hector!


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Patriarch Hector!

Don't ask about the name... but anyway, here's my info:

Level 84 Necromancer

Strength: 134
Dexterity: 208 (For 75% block)
Vitality: ** (I know it's low. All points into here from now on)
Energy: 80

(To save time, since I'm typing all of this out myself, I'll just mention the important mods on each item)

Rare circlet:
+1 necro levels
+24% MF

+3 summoning skills

+3 summoning skills
+2 summon resist

Weapon Switch:
Demon Limb (To enchant skellies and merc on bosses)
Rhyme (For +25% MF right before boss kill)

+23% MF

+20% MF
+25% MF

Wealth (100% MF 300% GF)

Sigon's with a PDiamond

Gloom's Trap
+15% Mana
+15% Mana Regen

A bunch of resist charms (Not enough.. I'm still negative on some of them in hell. I don't die very often at all though, so I guess I'm fine)

(Again, I'm not going to type out every single one I put a point into, just the important ones)

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Master
4 Summon Resist (With + skills, I get a total of 62 resist all on summons)
4 Revive (12 after +skills)

1 Decrep
1 Attract
4 Amp Damage (Needed the radius, it was driving me nuts casting these over and over)

1 Bone Armor
6 Bone Wall (Only as a synergy for Bone Armor - +15 damage per level)

I get 11 skellies which do about 300 damage per hit (I'm not in the game right now, and ATMA doesn't tell me, so I'm just estimating on the damage. 300 is close), which works fine all the way through Hell. Especially with every enemy amped, plus the merc's might aura.

Here's a screenie of me beating Baal. The thing that helped the most on Baal was clay golem + decrepify. I looked for Urdars as revives, but there weren't any by the River WP, so I went with random revives from the Ancient's Way. I don't think they helped very much, but I didn't need them anyway.

I enchanted some of my skellies and merc on Baal, I'm not sure if that did anything besides cost me $200,000, but it made cool fiery noises when they hit Baal, so I guess it was worth it.

Oh yeah, I'm not going to type all my merc's info, but he's an Act 2 might merc, with a Crown of Thieves (for the life steal) and just a rare thresher. He ends up at about 1.5K damage after his own might aura.

I know it's hard to screw things up using a skelliemancer, but hopefully mine is above average. If you see any way for me to improve, please suggest it.


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Whoops, I forgot to put "20 Corpse Explosion" in the skills section. That's kind of important.

(Is there a time limit on editing your post? I'm pretty sure the button wasn't there. I wouldn't have double-posted otherwise)


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Congratulations on the Pat. As he is set for MF are you going to run the WSK or do you find it too slow.


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Congrats on the pat Mortis! I just got my own skellimancer to hell. Any good finds? Looks like you have a good amount of MF.

BTW The timeout on the edit function is an hour.


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congratulations i'm working on my skellimancer as well sounds like you didn't have to many problems thats good


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Thyiad said:
Congratulations on the Pat. As he is set for MF are you going to run the WSK or do you find it too slow.
I'll probably run the WSK (doing Baal at the end, of course) every once in a while, when I feel the need for some "danger", but I don't think it's that much of a better MF place than the pit or hell meph. Plus there's the chance you'll get those black souls...

MadMardigan said:
Any good finds? Looks like you have a good amount of MF.
Not anything crazily rare, just a couple items I put to use on other characters of mine. I found a bonehew which I'm going to use on a berserker as soon as he's a high enough level, a demon limb which I just started using on this necro, and some other good uniques I can't think of. I guess some people wouldn't call those "good finds", this is the character I always use to go through the game first and get things started each time I decide to start playing D2 again (which is what I'm doing now).


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Congrats on the Pat. This makes me want to Pat mine aswell and have a playable character other than my mf blizz sorc. :rolleyes: