Patriarch Hackerhuck or Whether it's better to suffer the slings and arrows


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Patriarch Hackerhuck or Whether it's better to suffer the slings and arrows

Well I did it, my first 1.10 Barb pat. At times it was like pulling teeth. A shout out to the peeps who helped play along through Acts 2-4. Without you I might have never been able to do it (mentally speaking).

Patriarch HackerHuck
Lvl 86
Str 175
Dex 108
Vit 177

55 pts unspent

Frenzy 20
Double Swing 20
Conc. 2 (I decided not to be a conc. barb early on)
Mace Mastery 10
Axe 1
Sword 1 (indecisive isn't he)
Warcry 10
BO 20
1 pt prereqs and all the nice one-pt wonders

Fire 36
C,L,P 75

My preciouses
Schaeffer's Hammer

dual gimmersheds

Medly of ammys (Highlords, Maras, Atmas depending on sit.)
SoE (15%, 7% LL)
Carrion wind

Skull Finger
Required Level: 46
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0xf6081a8e
+14 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +10%
Cold Resist +29%
3% Life stolen per hit
5% Mana stolen per hit

2 combat skillers, nothing else worth mentioning down there.

Hacker was a chore to play. As per usual cookie cutter he cruised through NM, but in Hell there were wardrobe problems. I tried every weapon you can think of except runewords, but I was sore tempted to burn an Um for crescent moon. History proved me right in waiting. When the lash and schaeffers came on board he could do p3 fairly well. I didn't try higher because I wasn't so good at auxilliary skills. After playing Act 5, I bet I could have done p5 all other acts.

Act 5 was a trial...I usually don't skip Nihlathak, but after getting my butt handed to me by the ice caves, I opted out. After fighting an insane Frenzytaur pack at p3, I decided p1 would have to cut it. At p1, I died 4 more times, ouch, one booboo with an IM, the rest were FE or Frenzytaur related. Compared to the 30 minute battle with the Frenzytaurs, the ancients made me laugh...3 minutes, if that.

Patting Hacker made me realize how badly unbalanced this patch is for the old school hack and slash. I used to think the guy who wrote the column about overpowered sorcs was just a whiner, but in many ways he's dead on. Cudos to all you HC guardians. I'm not worthy.

Decent finds...2 potential Chaos claws, +2 CoT,+2 WB Suw. and +1 DFligh Suw. (If this had DS, I'd have made the runeword on the spot).


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Congratulations! I've changed my mind in mid-build many a time, or just quit out of frustration because my chosen skill was boring. Nice to see you toughed it out and spanked Baal's spidery patootie. Good job!



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nice pat. !! :thumbsup: i havnt even pat.ed a barb in 1.10 yet, hmmmm...maybe i should do something about that. bah, i have too many other builds on the go...

cheers, C.T.

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Congrats on the Pat. I can tell already that my barb won't be making it to Pat, and he's only in act 3 normal.

I never truly understood why so many people have trouble with Duriel until today. I'm quite ashamed to say that I died over twenty times. Way too many points in axe mastery, not enough in anything else :p


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Congrats on the pat! I have considered the possibility to make a dual wielding maces frenzybarb, but the visual of the swords is sooo cooler! BTW, you have made a great char.