Patriarch GreenDeath


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Patriarch GreenDeath

Ok here he is! Patriarch GreenDeath

GreenDeath is a conviction zealot who uses Rift runeword to cast frozen orb at his enemies as well as some elemental damage from charms and equipment to make full use of the conviction aura he was running.

Character screen

Base values
Strength : 100
Energy : 15
Dexterity : 95
Vitality : 290

20 Sacrifice
20 Holy Shield
20 Conviction
20 Defiance
4 Zeal <- future points go here

Delirium Demonhead
Rhyme Sacred Ronache all resistances +59
Lionheart Great Hauberk
Lava Gout
Goblin Toe
Thundergod's Vigor
Crafted ammy +15 all resistances +2 combat skills +3LL
2 Rare rings with ML, LL, stats, resisits

Holy freeze merc
Obedience Cryptic Axe
Griswold Armor
Tal helm

and finally some mess we made :)

I figured he would die quite often because of the the very very small physical damage and leech so I decided to kinda play it safe and made a delirium and hired holy freeze merc. Both were a big help but even with them... playing him was pretty easy until I hit Crystalline Passage and try to rescue Anya... both unbreakable CI's and PI's waited me there so it wasn't really a walk in the park ... I died 2 times from Moon Lords and then once again in Frozen river from Vile Witches. Wow those girls are crazy.

Ancients were a bit tough, my merc died and I used about 10 full rejuvs... didn't feel like rerolling but I survived.

I didn't find a single valuable item with him except few socketed items, and hell HF gave a LEM.

His future is uncertain. I really don't want to retire a char on whom I spend IST and GUL but I see no duties for him until holidays when I will play in LAN with my brother and friends. Maybe I'll hit the ancient tunnels or Mausoleum and see how he performs there.

Sir Lister of Smeg

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I had no idea that the Rift runeword existed let alone what it was. And had to go and look it up to see whether it was from 1.09, 1.10, or 1.10 cattlenet.

Does the on attack chance also count if you're holding shift and swinging, or do you have to attempt to hit a monster?


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some thoughts on such char:
1). what is the reason for synergizing (how the hell is this crap spelled?!?!) zeal while having 10-17 physdmg scepter? for life leach i'd make for instance a Rift Caddy and voila - we have 20 spare skillpts to put into elemental resisting auras for max res.

2). hey and why Rift and not Lawbringer?? 7%LL, nice cold and fire dmg, decrep, relatively cheap - what's not to like? cryptic sword for phys dmg, PB for speed...


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First, smaller congrats on the new Pat, bigger will come at the end of my post... congrats.
20 Sacrifice
20 Holy Shield
20 Conviction
20 Defiance
4 Zeal <- future points go here
I wonder the skill point investment a bit. I've made a Conviction Zealot too, and I really didn't need the 12%ed/point from Sacrifice on my mid levels. I did max it on my high levels for a bit better leech (Gimmershred), but the 10-17 damage on Rift just doesn't get much bigger.
Conversion, for example, would've added much more survivability than Sacrifice to a low phys. damage build like this. Just a thought based on my personal experience.

and finally some mess we made :)
:laughing: Poor *proc'd* monsters.

Congratulations, again, on the Pat! Giving you some credit for investing couple pretty high runes for a character like this wouldn't be wrong either. Well done! :thumbsup:

Boy, I was slow... Took almost an hour to write this. I blame TV and Mythbusters.



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Congratulations! It's a very cool build you have there but I'm a little confused about the skill placement too. It's a shame that Rift can't be made in a Phase Blade so that 4fpa zeal would've been reachable.


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Hi all and thanks! :)

First of all ... skills. Well I knew I was going to use Conviction so maxing Zeal was a no-no because Sacrifice added more damage and Conviction took care of the AR.

Second, I maxed Sacrifice mostly because I was going to use Gimmershred but then in Paladin forum saw something about Rift usage. Basically I have read couple of SSoG's posts and of course I was interested :) Maybe I wouldn't maxed Sacrifice if I knew from the start I was gonna use Rift but once I made Rift I decided to stick with maxed Sacrifice and not rebuild cuz it does some physical and more damage is rarely a bad thing ...

And I learned from my Griswold pally that Holy Shield is a truly wonderful skill. You can have like 80 dex and max block with 0 problems :) And it adds quite a lot of defence especially when synergized.

Coming from a world of Barbs where LL is very important to the world where I do small physical damage to make LL worthwile I decided to use other options to make myself safe. Delirium was one of them and defence was the other. So with just ~ 1.5k of base defence and those two skills maxed I went to 10k. Those two skills also offer gear flexibility... if I ever upgrade that gear my defence will raise... and that's not bad either :)

Why no passive auras? Simply I used all my resist charms on my Wolf barb and WW barb so I couldn't stack resistances. As seen on pics, I have Thundergod's and my light resist is 81 ...

@Lister...thanks. Well I guess you have to attempt a hit, never really tried :) I'll do it later.

@Evah thanks... lawbringer... well... it has good mods, but it's not very different from planned gimmershred. Rift fires Orbs!!

@tupsi... thanks.. kind of already answered but.. i did think of conversion but once I made delirium I forgot about it. I like simple approach. Hit them, damage them, it proc's ... damages them too... I turn into a doll and hit them some more ... :)