Patriarch George, the (mostly) /players8 FrenzyBarb


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Patriarch George, the (mostly) /players8 FrenzyBarb


Skills: (not including my +5 to all skills with BC active)
Frenzy: 20
Double Swing: 20
Mace Mastery: 20
Battle Orders: 20
Taunt: 3+
Leap Attack: 1
Berserk: 1
Battle Command: 1
Battle Cry: 1
Increased Speed: 1
Natural Resists: 1
Prerequisites: 1

W1: Stormlash (Shael)
W2: Schaeffer's (with 30/13 Realgar Jewel of Carnage)
Switch: 2x Baranar's Star
Helm: George's Crown of Ages
Armour: Gloom Archon Plate (1616 Defense)
Belt: Verdungo's (38/15)
Gloves: Drac's
Boots: Goreriders
Ring1: BKWB (5%)
Ring2: Ravenfrost (20/204)

Stone Emblem
Required Level: 67
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 97
Fingerprint: 0x75266eeb
+1 to Maximum Damage
All Resistances +13
6% Mana stolen per hit
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+1 to Light Radius

lvl87, Might Merc
Kira's (IAS Jewel), Guardian Angel (IAS Jewel), Up'd ethereal Kelpie Snare (Amn)

- I played on /players8 the entire game, until the Crystaline Passage in Hell. It didn't make anything significantly more dangerous, it just made everything a lot slower. I didn't do full clears, but I did kill every monster I encounted.
- 0 MF throughout: Bonehew (Baal, Hell), Fungal GC (Great Marsh, Hell), Io/Io from Hellforge
- 1 death, a LI/PI mana-burn, cursed Mauler pack in the Durance of Hate (+3 Mauler Champions in the group too). They put me in hit recovery and I couldn't escape. Quite a few NDE's though, but zero 'save & exit's.
- I think my mercs parents were related; he was painfully stupid this time
- Taunt is probably one of the most underrated skills in the game; with enough patience you can chip away at any dangerous pack of monsters. For example, I was able to escape this in the Chaos Sanctuary in Hell, using Leap Attack to get away and then drawing every minion away with Taunt (1-3 minions each time). The whole process for that group took 3 Full Rejuv's and about 45 minutes. I felt somewhat guilty pausing the game to take the screenie, but at least I didn't save and exit - or die.

As for what's next, I have no idea.


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Congratulations on the Patriarch, sirp. That is one nasty group of monsters in the CS. Well done on escaping and killing them. :thumbsup:

Oh and gib helmet.:grin:


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Masterfully done, hero!

Congrats on what looks to be a neat char. Not enough Frenzy barbs these days.


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Congrats on the Pat sirpoops! Very different gear selection from mine, but probably much more efficient!
Liquid_Evil said:
Masterfully done, hero!

Congrats on what looks to be a neat char. Not enough Frenzy barbs these days.
You obviously don't read the forums enought these days LE...:rolleyes:


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Nice Pat, its fun build to bash monsters brains with two blunt(ish) weapons. Nice gear, all your gear Poops?