Patriarch Garandel, Fury/Fireclaws Wolf


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Patriarch Garandel, Fury/Fireclaws Wolf

Garandel has defeated Hell Baal!!!

Sorry it took so long to post, I had baby duty :rolleyes: She's saying "dada" now though :thumbsup:

Character name  : Garandel
Character type  : Druid
Character level : 81
Character exp   : 761768033

Strength        : 126
Energy          : 20
Dexterity       : 93
Vitality        : 256
Stat Points Rem : 0
Skill Points Rem: 0

Life            : 4102 / 1292
Mana            : 260 / 180
Stamina         : 885 / 688
Resistances in Hell --> 75/39/42/59, 75/75/67/59 on Switch


Jalal's Mane
'Gloom' Wyrmhide
String of Ears
Rare ResAll/AR Ring
The Cat's Eye
Gore Rider
Laying of Hands
Up'd Ribbie w/ Shael
6xShael PB and Stormshield on Switch

Fury Dmg w/ Ribbie --> ~2100-3200 (5 hits = ~10500-16000; Not too bad!!! 4fr Attack)
Fireclaws Dmg w/ PB and SS --> ~2300-2500 (Will be higher when more synergy pts are added... 5fr Attack)

HF Merc was used wearing Vampire Gaze/Leviathan (Again borrowed from my Meteorb's Merc) and an Obedience Thresher...

The only real weakness to the equipment used is the lack of Phys Res and DR%... On Switch, there is plenty of DR% (Stormshield and SoE)... I think Fortitude Armor would work WONDERS for this equipment lineup... But then resists would suffer... But those could be made up with Charms (If you have them)...

This was probably one of the most FUN builds I've EVER played... I want to make a windy, but I don't think it'll be as fun as this Fury/FC Wolf... Retirement Plans you ask? Well, I really don't know... I'm thinking NM/Hell Andy Runs... Fireclaws absolutely decimates her...

Very viable in HC... If I ever start HC, I will include this build with my HC Chars (I just have to be a little more careful there as death is PERMANENT)...

GL to all who are working on a build like this or something similar... Lots of fun :thumbsup:



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Congrats on the pat. I have a similar character in the works, so it's nice to hear that it should be fun :laugh:


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The key to the "fun-factor" of this build is weapon speed... This way you can hit a 4 or 5fr attack... It's fun watching your Wolf swing 5 times at one monster and totally destroy it...

LoL... GL w/ your Wolfie :thumbsup:


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Congrats on the Pat!

Could we (I) see the skills layout... fury/fireclaws? Basically it's 1pt WW, max lycan and FC synergies and 1pt fury or?

(always liked the Idea of fireclaws but hated the 1 monster approach...) :)

also, any notable finds??


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Skill Layout:

1 Oak Sage
1 Werewolf
20 Lycanthropy
20 Fireclaws
20 Fury
20 Firestorm (Synergy to FC)
1 Molten Boulder (Synergy to FC but I don't like this skill...)
5 Fissure (Synergy to FC
1 All Pre-reqs

As far as notable finds... NOTHING worth mentioning... All low-lvl uniques/sets... No TC3s...

As far as not liking the 1 monster approach, that's where the 5fr attack speed helps out... You'll be attacking FAST and HARD... But Fury is used as the main attack, using FC for Bosses, PIs, and anywhere else you see fit...