Patriarch DrJekill_MrHide


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Patriarch DrJekill_MrHide

Well, here is my last Pat, he became one few mins ago at lvl 85. He is Flaming/Rabies Druid, meaning Fireclaw/Rabies Wolf(most of the time). I've build him for MFing purposes, and after testing I'll decide if the build deserves a guide. :) As you may notice from skills/gear, I used the Carrion Wind bug, that gives 21 synergistic points to Rabies, without investing even one skill point. I know this is exploit, and I decided to use it because the build is impossible without it.
His skills are:

Elemental: 5 Firestorm, 1 Molten, 20 Fissure, 20 Volcano (all maxed for synergising Fireclaws)

Shapeshifting: 1 in Lyc, WW, WB, Shockwave, Feral rage, Maul, Fury, 20 in Rabies and 20 in FC(duh!)

Summoning: 1 in Raven, Spirit wolves, Oak


CoH Wire
Carrion Wind ring (<---for the bug)
Goblin Toe (<---very helpfull)
Dracul's Grasp (<---Only way to leech)

Inventory: 7x SS skillers, some with second mods, like life, 2x tomes and 7x various SC's with life/AR/resists.

Switch 1:
6 sock Phase Blade with 4x Shael and 2x AR/IAS jewels, reaching last BP voth in wolf/bear form and adding 122 AR!(Thanks again for the jewels Shivan! :worship: )

Switch 2:
Death's Web with perfect Pfacet
4x Pfaceted Monarch

The first switch is used most of the time, I have 58% DR and 75% res all with it, and the second switch is used when I've already infected the crod with Rabies, switching back to the first just after that. This way all the + Pdamage and -poison resist on the second switch are carried to the remaining rabies duration's damage making it a killer! I've read that in electricblue's SS guide, so I didn't invented this, neither did he but the credits goes to him for that info.

Interesting finds during questing: Ist from hellforge, Hellrack, Blackoack(lost because of crash :grrr: ) I'll test him for MF tomorrow and I'll see what I'll do with him.


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Congrats on Pat, Vorbiss :clap:

Im wondering how good this will be for MFing... :scratch:



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congratulations on the Pat!!

that is a pretty impressive gear setup you got there... expensive too. 5 X perfect Pfacets = yikes!


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very nice i bet he pack a lot of damage.

so whats next for you to do find all nice items for the next build;)