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Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by TopHatCat64, May 31, 2008.

  1. TopHatCat64

    TopHatCat64 IncGamers Member

    Jul 8, 2004
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    Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

    Patriarch Dawn Treader

    "Gabriel, why are you still up? You know there's nothing we can do about the beasts outside the convent, it's in His hands now," said Sister Luke.

    "I know, Sister, I just wish I could help, somehow..." said Gabriel.

    Sister Luke gently placed her hand on the child's shoulder and softly said "Well, let me tell you of a knight I once met while traveling in the Northern Steppes in Harrogoth. He was an orphan, like you Gabriel, and he was raised by warrior tribes to wield their weapons".

    "Was he a savage like the rest of the barbarians?" Gabriel asked excitedly.

    "No, he wasn't, Gabriel. You know the Northern Tribes aren't savages, they merely practice a different set of beliefs. No...there's not doubt he was a knight of G_d. I witnessed him stand fast again a legion of demons and emerge unscathed, shining like the sun over the mountains of Westmarch," said Sister Luke.


    Dawn Treader is a combination of two ideas I've been trying to make work for awhile now: A PDR build and a 2H meleer. I'd say he was success on both counts. The major goals I had for this character were a (1) good damage from a long range 2H weapon (2) 100 PDR (3) max resist all. One wasn't too difficult once I acquired a Tomb Reaver, I just missed achieving two by 1 stinkin' PDR, and three was achieved.

    I started off meleeing with one handers until 31, and then proceeded to demolish the Sanctuary with ribcracker, seamlessly upgrading to an upgraded ribbie at 56 and cruising along until I managed to finally hit 84 and then 85 for Tomb Reaver and Gladiator's Bane, respectively.

    So hey, for the 99% of the journey I was just a standard power zealot using a 2hander. Fully geared, I wandered into Ancient's Way at P8 and walked into of couple left hooks from the native Yeti's - my health budged slightly. Dawn Treader succeeded where most of my PDR builds had failed by finally getting enough of it to make a difference. It obviously would have been easier with a Gerke's and a one hander but what's the fun in that?

    Lvl 85
    Zeal Damage: 1348-6063
    Zeal Damage w/ Might + Enchant: 1717-7436
    Vengeance Damage w/ Enchant: 1538-6639
    Life: 1214 | Mana: 184
    Resists: 75/75/85/75

    Str: 125
    Dex: **
    Vit: 292
    Nrg: 15

    20 Zeal
    20 Sac
    20 Fanat
    20 RL
    1 Veng
    12 unspent points

    My Gear
    'Sol Sol' Tiara of Life Everlasting (38 PDR)
    Scintillating Amulet of Life Everlasting (15 all/23 PDR)
    Tomb Reaver (see below)
    Glad Bane (27 PDR/20 MDR)
    Laying of Hands
    String of Ears (15 MDR)
    Sandstorm Trek
    Nature's Peace (11 PDR)
    Corruption Whorl ring (see below)

    A ton of resist charms with a couple fine charms

    Tomb Reaver
    Cryptic Axe
    Two-Hand Damage: 136 to 621
    Durability: 65 of 65
    Required Dexterity: **
    Required Strength: 140
    Required Level: 84
    Polearm Class - Fastest Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 86
    Fingerprint: 0xb876b3d3
    +1 to Strength
    +314% Enhanced Damage
    All Resistances +45
    79% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    +12 Life after each Kill
    +4 to Light Radius
    Requirements -15%
    60% Increased Attack Speed
    219% Damage to Undead
    +252 to Attack Rating against Undead
    10% Reanimate As: Returned
    Socketed (3: 3 used)
    Corruption Whorl
    Required Level: 65
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 84
    Fingerprint: 0x147b1f7
    +43 to Mana
    +115 to Attack Rating
    +5 to Minimum Damage
    Lightning Resist +20%
    8% Life stolen per hit
    5% Mana stolen per hit
  2. scottee

    scottee IncGamers Member

    Feb 7, 2008
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    Re: Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

    Hehe, glad to see that the tomby and glad's did what you were looking for. My piosonmancer is only a few levels away from the Dweb, so you'll be seeing a similar thread from me soon :wink3:

    Grats on the pat!
  3. TopHatCat64

    TopHatCat64 IncGamers Member

    Jul 8, 2004
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    Re: Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

    Thanks scottee, without that Tomb Reaver this build wouldn't have been possible. This is actually a rebuild after I realize my first attempt at 2h PDR zealot was doomed. I initially tried it with a badass rare cryptic axe but I realized I needed my weapon to have a bunch of resists for me to achieve max resists.

  4. friedbananazzzz

    friedbananazzzz IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2003
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    Re: Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

    hahaha, I have almost the exact same build going myself right now, but he's using 2h swords (passion Balrog on switch for zerkin').

    Our PDR differences:
    item yours/mine
    helm 38/37
    ammy 23/23
    armour 27/28
    ring 11/10

    I'm in A4 NM and enjoying it immensly right now, just not sure what to use as the final weapon (Doombringer is cooler, but Oath ethBalrog Blade has A LOT more damage). Also going for a little more of an abbot vibe, with maxed Prayer (and a Prayer/Insight merc).

  5. Skinhead On The MBTA

    Skinhead On The MBTA IncGamers Member

    Feb 3, 2006
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    Re: Patriarch Dawn Treader - 2H PDR Zealot

    Nice work on the Pat!

    Must be weird levelling all that way just to use two items, but I've never made a character that relied on a weapon that much. One day I'm going to do something like this, but combine it with the Riftadin idea that's in the
    M/P/G thread.

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