Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

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Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

And, here we have #7 of my class-specific set octumvirate. I think I actually found a viable build for the Aldur's set.

Patriarch Danson, Level 81 Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

Str: 86 (151)
Dex: 145 (205)
Vit: 244 (289)
Ene: 20 (65)

Life (w/BO): 2152
Mana (w/BO): 772
Resists: 75/75/75/27
Fire Claws Damage (per LCS, including might/HoW): 3680-4440
Fire Claws AR (per LCS, including HoW): 9462
Grizzly Damage (per skill tree, not including might/HoW): 2490-2618

Raven: 1 (12)
Spirit Wolf: 1 (12)
Dire Wolf: 1 (12)
Grizzly: 20 (31)
Oak Sage: 1 (12)
Heart of Wolverine: 16 (27)
Lycanthropy: 1 (12)
Werewolf: 1 (12)
Werebear: 1 (12)
Maul: 1 (12)
Feral Rage: 1 (12)
Fire Claws: 20 (32)
Shockwave: 6 (17)
Firestorm: 20 (30)

Aldur's Stony Gaze (Shael, IAS jewel)
Aldur's Deception
Arachnid Mesh
Aldur's Advance
Highlord's Wrath
The Stone of Jordan
Bul Kathos' Wedding Band
Aldur's Rhythm (ShaelShaelShael)
Rhyme Hyperion
CtA/Lidless on switch (though not often used)
Charms: 3 summoning skillers, 2 shapeshifting skillers, resists

Might Merc: Reaper's Toll, Treachery, Tal's Mask

So, this was much, much more fun than the M'Avinazon. Granted, I played on p1 for all of hell (not that I spent much time above that on the zon), but I didn't have any problems whatsoever and it went very, very quickly.

I'd highly recommend this variant to anyone struggling over how to make it through hell with Aldur's set without losing their mind. This certainly isn't ever going to be useful for anything beyond questing, but I think it takes advantage of the set in more or less the best way possible this side of 1.07 haxcharms and expensive jewels.

Shockwave was heavily used (as it should be on any werebear), non-FI's went down in a couple fire claws hits, and FI's (or whatever non-FI's weren't right in front of me) died quickly to the bear and merc. I recast the bear to target FI's pretty frequently, using it something like a physical damage version of hydra. I'd switch to maul to help the bear/merc after all the FI's were dead, but this didn't really come up often, since they were both quite quick killers.

Chaos sanctuary: no problem - merc only died once (to a pretty impressive pile of monsters including an OK champ pack that managed to land an IM). Ancients: no problem - spawn included both cursed and an extra strong on the whirler, but only one FI. The other two died very very fast to FC, and once I got the grizzly/merc to focus on the FI, he went down quickly too. Probably 90 seconds total, if that. Minions: no problem - shockwave. Baal: no problem, but a bit slow. I don't believe I died at all during hell (only deaths before hell due to not caring about a tiny bit of exp loss so swinging away with a 1.07 oath around IM).

Io from hell hellforge, I forgot the NM hellforge but it was unremarkable. Leviathan from hell diablo. Incidentally, between twinking and my final gear, I spent 12 shaels on this char.

Anyways, this was surprisingly fun, particularly since I'd been quite pessimistic about the char since I started the octumvirate, and I figured it'd look particularly pathetic immediately on the heels of the death frenzier, but, no. It was fun.

Next (and last) is a Griswold's pally, which I believe will be an avenger, though I haven't made up my mind entirely yet. The min damage avenger looks quite interesting, but I don't think I have good enough jewels for it. I'm also going out of town for a couple weeks on Monday, and have friends coming to visit for the weekend, so I might not wind up finishing the char before then. If not, look for the final pat thread right around the beginning of July.



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Re: Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

Thanks CG, I've been wondering should I go for FC Aldur or Summon Aldur. Now I know, that I'll do FC/Summon Aldur :) He will be next, now I'm playing Mav Mageazon.

About your Griz, may I recommend making Abbot Avenger? I made my griz like that, 100 pdr, max block, resists 80+, very safe character and still fun.

Gotta go through my stashes to find more shaels...


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Re: Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

Congrats , looks like well balanced char to deal fire and physical damage. Did you use the ravens at all? 12 Shaels for the build, what a bargain!

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Re: Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

I had them hotkeyed, but they never really got used. They'd only have been useful in the rare situations where there were archers outside of my shockwave range that I couldn't get near (door traps, etc.), and in those situations, there's a lot of (stunned) monsters quite near me, so I doubt they would have targeted the things I wanted them to. Dim vision aura is far less useful when you have shockwave.


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Re: Patriarch Danson, Aldur's Fire Claws Summoner

Nicely done! Very similar to my fireclaws werebear over here, but I didn't bother trying to improve his physical damage in any way. Maybe I should have-- playing Mizor was quite a slog, and the grizzly would have benefited from HoW too.