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Patriarch Broken, a multi-purpose MF hybrid frenzier

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by vorkul, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. vorkul

    vorkul IncGamers Member

    Feb 6, 2007
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    Patriarch Broken, a multi-purpose MF hybrid frenzier

    Cheerio, cheerio. A new (and fairly interesting for a change) pat. Initially I wanted an all-around mf melee char that could do AT, pits, baalrunning, pindle, whatnot, withouth specializing to any of them. Also something I could play in window mode without putting much effort to it. Like always, everything is self-found.

    In the planning stage I started to list things I'd want, and tried to incorporate as many of them as I could:

    Noticeable phys damage (check)
    Some elemental/magical damage (check and check)
    high CB/OW (check)
    ability to utterly annihilate undeads (check)
    high life and good survivability (check)
    fast attack (check)
    static field (check!)

    Essentially, the build is as follows:

    Barb Broken, level 85

    Str: 151 (91)
    Dex: 144 (99)
    Vit: 364 (320)
    Ene: base

    Frenzy 20 (29)
    Double swing 20 (29)
    Bo 20 (30 with switch)
    Taunt 20 (27)
    1 in iron skin, resists, zerk, battle command, battle cry, hork, prequs
    1 in axe mastery, sword mastery
    next point goes to inc speed, remaining to axe mastery

    Essentials with might etc auras, no enchant:
    3905 life, 19ll, 7ml with offhand, 132mf, 23dr%

    frenzy, main hand: 8178 ar, 1958-3034 LCS damage, 16cs 46ds, 15cb, 35ow
    offhand: 8337 ar, 2811-5908 LCS damage, 16cs 88ds, 65cb, 35ow
    zerk: 7196 ar, 1689-2649 LCS damage


    W1: azurewrath (256%, +8, 12lvl) +15ias/81 ar jewel
    W2: edeath ettin (377ed)
    switch: dual spirits, dunno where my echoing weps are

    Head: arreat's /ias jewel
    torso: coh archon
    belt: dungo's
    boots: gores
    amu: highlords
    ring1: raven 17dex 249ar
    ring2: wispy 19% absorb 20mf
    gloves: dracs 8ll 12str

    Gheeds 40%
    Fanatic GC of susta
    Sharp GC of susta
    Sharp GC of inertia
    Steel GC of susta
    Steel GC of life

    Sharp LC of vita
    Sharp LC of susta
    Steel LC of vita

    Fine SC of vita
    Fine SC of balance
    Steel SC of vita
    toxic SC of anthrax
    ruby SC of balance
    the rest filled with 7mfsc's with misc second mods

    Might merc with
    eth upped shaftstop /res jewel
    vamp gaze /ias jewel
    eth crescent moon cryptic axe

    Never done dual type barb before, with high +skills as this has, there wasn't any need to put points to masteries. The ar is a bit low, could be improved with enchant but I'm too lazy to mule him one.

    Was fairly tricky to play till I finally got azurewrath to the main hand. Now it seems to rock like nothing before. No troubles in pits, AT or baaling, pindle dies too with ease. Died a couple of times, to fanat extra strong moon lords and to some other random fanat extrafast things, levelled in flayer jungle till finally hit 85, then through baal in a breeze.

    Forges were um/um, some misc items dropped on the way, nothing extraordinary. Lazy mf is the key element to this build, and it seems to do perfectly well at that. Hork is always a nice bonus too.
  2. moo-cow

    moo-cow IncGamers Member

    Jul 3, 2003
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    Re: Patriarch Broken, a multi-purpose MF hybrid frenzier

    lazy characters you don't need to fret over each turn in the dungeon are great.
  3. Ugla

    Ugla IncGamers Member

    Nov 29, 2004
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    Re: Patriarch Broken, a multi-purpose MF hybrid frenzier

    Congrats on the pat :thumbsup:
    I had a frenzier once, who end up using Azurewrath as well, though it was pretty annoying to level him all the way to clvl85 :rolleyes: I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of both phase blades - was not sure about the mechanics and didn't want to slow him down, and Lightsabre was nice for the lightning absorb. I have found the Sanctuary aura a hindrance when running Pindle - those zombies tend to charge you once they get knocked back :grin:

    I had one pt in mace mastery and used Nord's Tenderizer with various other weapons (mostly axes) on switch (vanilla char). I must admit I was never fond of Echoing switch, when there are so many interesting options with special properties (Lacerator etc.)

    Have you considered using Stormlash to get the SF yourself?
  4. vorkul

    vorkul IncGamers Member

    Feb 6, 2007
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    Re: Patriarch Broken, a multi-purpose MF hybrid frenzier

    I'm waiting for a (near...) perfect stormlash, I've got a perfect 15/40 jewel already waiting...

    Btw. It's my 9th patted frenzier in this patch, previous were:

    swords (oath, doombringer?) cookie
    axes (upped butchers, razor's) cookie
    warcryless axe (upped butchers, rare)
    titan axes (upped butchers, rare)
    titan maxdam (ebug kingslayer+lawbringer)
    cookie (ebug kingslayer+lawbringer)
    cookie (oath small crescent+edeath ettin)
    maxdam (death+edeath ettin)


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