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Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Corale, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Corale

    Corale Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 24, 2008
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    Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Hello all!

    I had previously made Death in a eBA for my avenger but in the end he liked his Griswold set more... Less damage but more survivability. So to make use of the axe I started a frenzy barb. He is pretty standard but very awesome :)

    Stats (fully buffed):

    Level 81

    STR: 197
    DEX: 107
    VIT: 215
    ENE: 20

    Life: 1974
    Mana: 236

    Damage Frenzy:
    Oath 2248 - 4773
    Death 1790 - 5528

    Attack rating Frenzy:
    oath 6045
    Death 6552


    20 Axe Mastery
    20 Frenzy
    20 Double Swing
    9 Taunt
    10 Battle Orders
    1 Berserk
    1 Leap Attack
    1 Increased Speed
    1 Natural Resistances
    1 Iron Skin

    Fiend Crest (Tiara)
    Fiend Crest
    Defense: 43
    Durability: 19 of 25
    Required Level: 67
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 90
    Fingerprint: 0x4c3d562
    +** to Attack Rating
    Magic Damage Reduced by 3
    8% Mana stolen per hit
    +2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
    +5 to Mana After Each Kill
    Level 2 Confuse (25/25 Charges)

    Highlord's Wrath

    Oath (eth Ettin Axe)
    Ettin Axe
    One-Hand Damage: 209 to 423
    Required Dexterity: 35
    Required Strength: 135
    Required Level: 52
    Axe Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 74
    Fingerprint: 0x973115df
    +10 to Energy
    +328% Enhanced Damage
    50% Increased Attack Speed
    Prevent Monster Heal
    75% Damage to Demons
    +100 to Attack Rating against Demons
    +13 Magic Absorb
    30% Chance to cast Level 20 Bone Spirit on striking
    Level 16 Heart of Wolverine (20/20 Charges)
    Level 17 Iron Golem (14/14 Charges)
    Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (4: 4 used)

    Death (eth Berserker Axe)
    Berserker Axe
    One-Hand Damage: 166 to 489
    Required Dexterity: 37
    Required Strength: 100
    Required Level: 64
    Axe Class - Normal Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0xe9bda5bc
    +362% Enhanced Damage
    +50 to Attack Rating
    Adds 1-50 lightning damage
    7% Mana stolen per hit
    +1 to Light Radius
    Requirements -20%
    20% Bonus to Attack Rating
    50% Chance of Crushing Blow
    25% Chance to cast Level 18 Glacial Spike on attack
    100% Chance to cast Level 44 Chain Lightning When You Die
    Level 22 Blood Golem (15/15 Charges)
    40% Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)
    Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (5: 5 used)

    Um'd Skullder's Ire (666 defense :p )

    String of Ears

    Dracul's Grasp

    Gore Rider

    Raven Frost

    Entropy Loop (Ring):
    Entropy Loop
    Required Level: 65
    Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
    Item Level: 86
    Fingerprint: 0x88e73d02
    +22 to Attack Rating
    Poison Resist +14%
    7% Life stolen per hit
    5% Mana stolen per hit
    Level 1 Attract (22/22 Charges)


    Standard to lvl 9 then dual Deathspade (+4 mana for each kill) + Sigons rest = Wailing away with double swing without stopping for breath... Awesome, mowing through at p8, all the way until act 3 actually, although end of act 2 was slow with p8. Act 3 and 4 went by fast at p1.

    Early act 5 - Dual Rakescar instead. 2% mana leech was enough. Rushed through act 5 and finished Normal at lvl 31 with a really good Baal map, so I did some runs on it after that. I had started having trouble hitting things - Lister pack was a royal pain for example - but after some runs it got better so I think my level was the problem. I kept running Baal until I was 39 - Time for dual Butcher's Pupil :)

    Same as Normal - act I and II on p8. After that I cut swaths through act 3, 4 AND 5 NM on p1. Incredible... Even Ancients + WSK + minions + Baal were a breeze. Didn't expect that.

    Was immediately harder... Low chance to hit, low leech, I was hurting from normal monsters. Invested in dexterity to get my attack rating up, which was a great improvement. I also visited my charm stash and pimped him up with all the shimmering, steel, fine etc charms I have (which is not much though). I ended up being able to go forward in hell without too much effort though, so it was ok. At level 70 I could equip both Death Cleaver and my Death and that was at the beginning of act 2 I think.

    I put an Um in my Skullder´s. Will be useful for a lot of other chars as well so I think it was worth it, and I used it throughout Hell on this guy. Will not switch it out until/if I get a Fortitude I think, 100+ MF is just too good combined with the other mods.

    Once I could eqiup them, I realized Dracul's are unmatched for questing (Only time I switched them out was Council running from 77-79 and finally at Hell Baal).
    Had really big troubles with large packs of ghosts. Really couldn't beat them, even had to reroll monsters at some places in act 5. Ancients were very easy. Once in the throne room, there were both stygian dolls and gloam corpses all over. Yey for Wave 2... Rolled a cursed Lister, but Dracul's pulled me through.
    Baal decicded to copy about 2 seconds after I spot him, ****er... But he wasn't very hard with this setup. Crap loot.

    Nastiest death:
    Running with full frenzy into two boss packs mixed up in Durance Lvl 2 on Hell:
    Vampires: Cursed, Might.
    Stygian Dolls: Conviction.

    My second Highlords.
    Naj's Light Plate (grailer).
    Hell forges: Hel, Ist :)
    Found another eth elite axe, ettin this time. Not ideal, but for once I managed to roll 4 sockets. I tried Oath three times and ended up with a 328% one. Expensive but worth it. Bye bye Death Cleaver Main hand. This was in act 3 Hell I think.

    This is such an awesome build, just plowing through the nasties, it is the most fun I've had in D2 ever. The "Hold down right mouse button to run and then attack anything automatically" is something I didn't know before, but I think it is crucial for this build.

    Tuning him for Council and running that for a while. After that maybe trying to get him to a state where he can run Baal reliable, I still don't have a char for that.

    Questions to you guys:
    * Is arreats face hard to find or something? It's not that high TC but I've never had one drop. Who is best to run for it? Hell Meph? Cheers.
    * Is it worth it to go for 5 fpa at frenzy lvl 24? I would need to switch away from the Oath, get a Shael'd Death Cleaver, use both highlords, laying of hands and goldwrap.. I'm thinking no, 5.5 with Oath + highlords +laying of hands will do. Or 6 with just Oath + highlords for that matter. What do you think? Another base for my weapons?
    * Sometimes my stats page switches places for damage and AR between Oath and Death, but they are placed correctly in the inventory. Do you guys recognize this? Any effect on gameplay?

    Thanks for reading, hope it is not too long!
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2010
  2. Obdob

    Obdob Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Congrats Corale! Probably my favorite build.
    1. Arreat's isn't too hard to find, Meph can drop it. I think I found 2 in the CS. A really good alternative is Guillaume's Face (preferred over Arreat's by some).
    2. 5 fpa isn't really necessary, especially with the sacrifices you'd have to make.
    3. Make sure you place the Oath over the glove hand first and then Death over the boot hand, because it will change how fast you swing if reversed. I have never seen it just switch on its own though.
  3. VoX Dei

    VoX Dei Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 17, 2005
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Grats on the Pat. It's great that you had so much fun playing the build :thumbup:

    Concerning Arreat's, it is a little rarer than same TC class items because it is a class specific item. I'd go with Hell Meph as mf target.
  4. Greebo

    Greebo Diabloii.Net Member

    May 2, 2008
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Grats on the Pat! Hard hitting barbs are great.

    If you're on the SPTF and are open to trading, getting Arreat's there would probably be fastest. I run Hell Meph 12k times and got like 3 of them. All class specific items can be annoyingly hard to find, especially if you're looking for a specific item.

    You can always try to use skillers for higher Frenzy instead of changing other equipment. This is probably one of the rare occassions when a charm can help with FPA (Fanatic Pally's being another).

  5. Corale

    Corale Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 24, 2008
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Thanks guys!

    I started a new round of Meph runs now, but chances are always slim when you are looking for a specific item, like you say :) If I don't find it I'll take your advice Greebo and trade for it, I have 4 AMeshes from Meph just lying around among other things.

    I tried adding my combat skiller to this char but it did very little. Frenzy still says 7-44% increased attack speed (no change), and in addition total damage only went up by 30 or so.
  6. Corale

    Corale Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 24, 2008
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    After running Meph with him for a while, I've come to wonder some things.

    * I have around 70% chance to hit on Meph according the the lcs, but only land hits with maybe 20-30% of the swings. Does anyone recognize this?

    * Could the fact that my weapons have different range make one axe miss sometimes (not only meph, generally)?

    * Is base speed of 0 and 40% weapon IAS the same as base 10 and 50% IAS?

    Thanks :)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2010
  7. hubb

    hubb Diabloii.Net Member

    May 27, 2009
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Because of the CB and DS on it I'd recommend Guillaume's Face over Arreat's for any pvm barb, especially if you're doing boss runs (also doesn't look like you need the res from it). Sweet hellforge and Oath roll, those can be a real bugger if you're unlucky...

    *His 50% block will contribute to that. Do you do use battle cry on him?

    *edit: You'll never miss due to one weap having a shorter range:
    *Nope. The faster base will make a bigger difference that 10 ias.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2010
  8. Arkardo

    Arkardo Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 30, 2006
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    +1 for Guillame's! 35% CB is too good to pass up, unless you really need Arreat's to survive.
  9. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Re: Patriarch Bitterheten - Axe-wielding Frenzy barb

    Probably Hell Meph. You could use a drop calculator.

    You can't wear two amulets ;) (I know what you mean, I just couldn't resist.)

    You might also read this thread.

    The main hand weapon is the one that appears in the right hand of the toon, regardless of what the inventory screen shows. Usually, it's which ever one you place first, but it can change if you switch weapons and you don't have enough base strength for your original main hand weapon before -req mods.

    I discovered this with own Death/Oath frenzier. :)

    I also posted about the weapon swapping somewhere, but I don't have a link for it. What I just said is the jist of it, though.


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