Patriarch BigBadWolf


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Patriarch BigBadWolf

Here he is! Patriarch BigBadWolf!

BigBadWolf is Barbarian using WolfHowl to shapeshift into a Werewolf and use Feral Rage instead of normal Barbarian skills... you all know the drill. Because he didn't use any combat skills he could make full use of his Warcries and Combat Masteries to obtain good life pool, defence and maxed resists.

Character screen

Base values
Strenght: 130
Dexterity: Base
Vitality: 345
Energy: Base

20 Battle Orders
20 Shout
20 Iron skin
20 Weapon Mastery
5 Natural Resistance
3 Battle Command

WolfHowl OFC with 34% enh. dam, +5 maximum damage
Upgraded Ribcracker with shael 243% damage -> 287-432
Smoke Archon Plate (all resistances +50)
Angelic Amulet + Angelic Ring
Raven Frost
Wilhelm's Pride
Gore Rider
Dracul's Grasp
Inventory full of charms :rolleyes:

NM Offensive of course
The Reaper's Toll
Vampire Gaze
Rare armor 1300+ def

He was very fun to play ... once he reached clvl 79. :) Before that it was pretty tough and boring. Once I reached clvl 30 i used dual bloodletters for whirlwind and things were a bit easier but I had to repair a lot ... and soon they weren't strong enough so I used upgraded steeldriver and finally upgraded ribby... once I hit hell I went strait to te Pits and leveled there at /p3 and /p5.... but since I used normal attack it was slow. So finally I was clvl 79 and put on my WolfHowl.

As you can see from the stats he was very tough due to life leech from dracul so he died only once (from IM of course). It was pretty close with Vile Witches though (extra strong, fanaticism) but he survived. Later Ancients were a breeze! They spawned all with dual immunities and some LI I think but no extra strong, cursed, no nothing. They fell pretty easy due to crushing blow.

He didn't find one good unique ... and hellforge drops were all pretty bad. Hell gave a LEM! With 2 pats 2 LEMs in a row! :(

But you don't need to feel sorry for me! Why? Here's why! :thumbsup:


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instead of using duel bloodletters, try using just 1 and then something big and hurty in the other hand


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Congrats on the Vex! :thumbsup: Nice patted barb.

Could you explain a little more on levelling up: when, where and player settings? I think I might go Wolfbarb as well, and would like to know what to prepare for, and ways to make it easier. Nightmare levelling as well. Was pits at /p3 and /p5 worth it when looking at time/experience points? Thanks for the info. :)

Again, nice Pat, and what will BigBadWolf be doing now?



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gg. Wolfbarbs are the schizzle. Mine is my favourite character by far.

@Drystan: Personally, I basically ran through the difficulty to Eldritch as quickly as possible and ran him. I managed to get to Eldritch in Hell at level 74, then just kept going. (I also did a lot of NM Baal runs.) Just keep equipping the fastest, hurtiest weapon you can and keep at it. Bosses aren't that tricky if you equip some high-CB weapon. (I remember getting to Diablo was tiresome, though.)


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@smilts thanks, I think so too :)

@deaddave thanks will keep that in mind on my next ... yeah I guess I'll make another one ... this time probably with shield... but that's way in the future :)

@drystan thanks. as for levelling... first of all .... I used dual angelics almost all the way until lvl 79 because I really needed the ar. normal attack is hard to use mostly because of ar IMO. once I hit 79 i put raven frost on.

so the levelling... I bought some 2h maces with my other chars... they have lov lvl req but require like 60ish str so I pumped str early. used them till 24 when I put Bonesnap. Once I got to act 3 normal I ran the temples in Kurast Bazaar to hit lvl 30 and equip my bloodletters. the hand of broc and manald heal helped with WW. Later when the damage wasn't enough I put upgraded Steeldriver with shael. In NM I was using Steeldriver till I could use upped Ribcracker. I don't really know how but I finished NM with it. :) But I remember I played on /p8 all the way. Stayed in NM doing Baal runs (well my merc did a lot of work too) till 70's. And then I went for the pits. at /p3 and /p5 when I was close to 79. It was hard but I did extra damage to undead and the ribby is fast so I think it was worth it.

and yes... maxed Mace Mastery before shout helped too. BO had shorter duration but MM heped with ar and damage. BBW will probably stay in the pits. He hasn't dided once while leveling there and there's no reason he should die now when he can turn into WereWolf. :) Will try few baal runs in Hell too, they are tough because damage isn't great but I think he can live through anything if properly played... (must remember ... must kill OK-s first!)

@Fluffballer Yeah so did I. :) especially since this is my first VEX that actually dropped. I've seen GUL's but not VEXes :) My only other VEX which I used for HOTO was cubed.

(And of course I regret that decision now because If I haven't made that VEX and HOTO I could have had Death now) mmmm.... (Homer Simpson's style-drooling).... Death! :)