Patriarch Archimonde (Resurrected)


Patriarch Archimonde (Resurrected)

After ths CoS issue, Archimonde got deleted, and i had him resurrected. Now, once again he's a pat, after sending Baal back to Black Abyss..

Character Name: Archimonde
Character Class: Necromancer
Character Level: 78
Character Experience: 614351158

Patriarch Archimonde

Summoning Skills
Poison and Bone Skills
Might Merc

Well, wanna know what he use to achieve such victory? Ok, here we go:

1. Full Trang-Ouls (Trang-Ouls Wing with Venom Rainbow Facet, Trang-Ouls Scales with ptopaz, Trang-Ouls Guise with ptopaz)
2. Arm of King Leoric
3. Tearhaunch Greaves
4. A rare tele and resist ammy
5. Nagelring
6. A rare resist ring
7. Graverobber's Grand Charm of Strength (+3 str and +1 summoning skills)
8. Shimmering Grand Charm (all resist +15)
9. Lucky Grand Charm of Inertial (12% MF, 7% FRW)
10. Lapis Grand Charm (cold resist +18)
11. Crimson Grand Charm of Greed (fire resist +14, 12% Extra gold from monster)
12. Stalwart Small Charm (+25 defence)
13. Ruby Small Charm of Fortune (fire resist +11, 4% MF)
14. Azure Small Charm (cold resist +5)

1. Hone sundan (Shael Shael Amn)
2. Saintly Winged Helm of Charged Bolt (175 defence)
3. Duriel's Shell Cuirass

Some notable rune finds are:
Nightmare Andy: Nagelring (+16% MF)
Hellforge Nightmare: Um rune
Hellforge Hell: Fal rune
Shenk: Lum rune

This is my second character of the game. The first one, which is Archimonde also, was deleted due to CoS issue. So i remade another fishymancer with the same name, but i refer to call it Archimonde Resurrected. He got 6 deaths while rushing in Hell (So far from normal to Nightmare he got no death). Being a vampire is hard to teleport fast. So when i teleport, i take off the helm, and just teleport to where the wp is, then tp back to town to repair the charges when it's out of charge.
Many will wonder what am i gonna do with him. Well, since he's the only character in my game, i'm gonna use him to farm runes from Countess to fund my "Breath of the Dying" project. I'll also use him to run WSK for:
1. Experience for lv99
2. Grailies, since WSK is also considered as pit.
Why Breath of the Dying? I'm gonna either make a WW Barb for Baal running. But if i can get Ondal's Wisdom, The Rising Sun and Thundergod's Vigor from Frostburn's giveaway, then i'll make a pure LF zon with all LF synergies maxed. Wish me luck!
I got a hell socket quest undone, should i socket the Arm of King Leoric? If i do, what rune should i put in? How about my merc's Duriel Shell, should i socket that or Arm of King Leoric?

1. Thanks to Arreat_Mercenary for his huge bunch of items that helped me get started with my fishy! Thanks!
2. Thanks to Milb and Flan for the Trang-Ouls!
3. Thanks to Salvo and sirpoopsalot for their giveaway stash that helped reinforced my fishy!
4. Thanks to Nightfish for his incredible fishymancer build.
5. Last but not least, well, thanks to skullcaptain, who gave me alot of support during my gameplay time. Ask me to continue on eventhough meet death. Helped me out with installing new ATMA 5.05. And lot more. (Muakz!)

Coming up:
1. WW Barb (depends on what outcomes i got from Countess)
2. LF Javazon (depends on Frostburn's giveaway)

EDIT: THank you Frostburn. Stash received.


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Congrats on the Pat, glad you put the equipment to good use :smiley:

Also, don't run the Countess for High Runes, she isn't worth it, it will take forever and a day to cube up a Zod from the Countess. The Fishymancer is an excellent character for running the WSK and Baal at p1, which is probably the best for mfing.


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there is really nothing useful to socket your AoKL with. And like milb said, if you plan on getting a zod, or cubing to one, countess is not a good choice to farm. HF rushing, lk runs, cows, and level 85 areas are the place to go. Good luck and congrats on the pat


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Masterfully done, hero! Now I see the reasoning behind your skeleton choice in the 'best minion' thread. Congrats on a char well done.

Why not a vamp gaze or a Guillaume's face on Leharas? Any special reasoning behind the saintly winged helm?


@Milb: I owe you alot.. Thanks!

@Phosheez: Hmm.. well, i had seen a lot people running Countess for runes.. But i guess i have to find the Hellforge rush guide here..
*click search button*

@Liquid_Evil: Yup, that's right. They all serve Archimonde loyally. They deserved that nomination. :grin: About the merc helm.. Well, sad to say that's the only best one i could ever get from vendors..

:undecided: any suggestion for my Breath of the Dying project?


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Congratulations on the pat....
I've yet to make one....

As far as the BotD is concerned, go for the grail first...
It's quicker, and it'll get you started towards the BotD


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Suiling, congrats on the pat! You finished it before me :grin: (I'm still in frozen river act V :tongue: )

Two suggestions:

1.- Don't go for clvl 99 with a fishy, they can't do fast p8 baal runs, they excel at p1 but it will take FOREVER to go from clvl 90 to clvl 99 at p1. Do it only if you don't have any social life and need only one meal a day so you can focus 18/7 on this project (18 hours because you need to sleep)

2.- If you plan to get a Zod, run the pits. Fishymancer's are excellent at that clvl 85 area, and any moster can drop a Zod in that area. Of course it won't happen soon, but you can also get good items and even try for a grail


All the best and good luck Arreat_Mercenary!

My dream to bring him lv99 crushed... But let's see if a LF zon can do it or not. Since WSK is alsoclvl 85 area, so i guess i just run there. lv85 + Strong monster = more experience + grail.. right?


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Congrats! I have a fishymancer pat too, and I must say it's really fun running the level 85 areas with him (I ran the Pits the most). :thumbsup:


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Suiling said:
All the best and good luck Arreat_Mercenary!

My dream to bring him lv99 crushed... But let's see if a LF zon can do it or not. Since WSK is alsoclvl 85 area, so i guess i just run there. lv85 + Strong monster = more experience + grail.. right?
You CAN do it, it will just take some years :grin:

Typical chars that are made for clvl 99 are blizzardress, hammerdins and blizzballers. Any char can make it to clvl 99, it just requires more patience with some types.

You can run any area Suiling, it's just that WSK (and Baal) give the most experience to reach clvl 99, also being a high level area, any item can drop there


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If you don't want to save your socket quest for another character, you can stick a jewel in that wand. A rare MF jewel with resists and +mana per kill would be ideal.


@Arreat_Mercenary: Then i shall run WSK + lv99 double project!

@Fluffballer: Maybe i can make full use of the Rainbow Facet (Nova) that i got from Baal.


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Suiling said:
@Fluffballer: Maybe i can make full use of the Rainbow Facet (Nova) that i got from Baal.
there are only few unique charms for necromancer. poison lvl up and die. ad they must be used by a venomancer to take the full effect. lighting raibow facets are good for chars that are doing lighting damage ( sorc , tesladin, LF zon ).
you nova damage is still low and will take place only at a level up. socketing the AOKL is a waste of socket quest and waste of runes, jools.
also going for lvl 99 with a necro is slow going.
yo don't do any damage. your only atatck is CE that has dismising return with player setting. you need to do P8 baal runs and skellies don't do very much damage in hell. when baal killing need iron golem made from CB gear to kill him fast. in fact even the hammerdin smite baal to near death.
try some p8 pits runs and take your average time( all monsters killed).

and congrats on your pat.


p8 on pits? Okie, hope that works. Pits means no Baal, maybe safer and faster. I guess i save the socket quest for others, like sets or useful uniques..


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Congrats on the Pat! -- If you tire easily of running just one thing or the other, I'd go pits, then Ancient tunnels, then WSK. Right now I'm contempt with just WSK (lvl 89 summon/poison hybrid). Just throw a T-gods on for Gloams, and you're good to go.

I agree with Liquid Evil, you should slap a Guilames on that merc. It saves sooo much time on dispatching Baal and his minions.

There's my $.02! :wave:


@RibGriller: Guilames? well, see what outcomes from tunnel, if i found one, definitely i'll use that :wink3: . Thanks for the advice!


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Sorry, bad spelling -- should be Guillaume's Face. I might have an extra one laying around if you want it. It seems people are pretty generous around here, so I don't mind following suit. :thumbsup: