Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb


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Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

Hello from the dark side. :)
Now that I've decided to provide a bit of target practice on the Moor, I had to level an SC character. After several attempts I managed not to tick the HC box and ww, the Barbarian, was born. Pretty name, isn't it?
Putting points into Vit would be extremely silly for SC questing, so the Titan bit was obvious. A big stick seemed appropriate to take full advantage of all that juicy off-weapon ed:
Breath of the Dying 
Superior Great Poleaxe 
Two Hand Damage: 349 - 961 
Durability: 28 of 28 
Required Level: 69 
Required Strength: 136 
Required Dexterity: 72 
Fingerprint: 0x978ee95 
Item Level: 85 
Version: Expansion 1.10+ 
50% Chance to cast level 20 Poison Nova when you Kill an Enemy 
+60% Increased Attack Speed 
406% Enhanced Damage 
-25% Target Defense 
+53 to Attack Rating 
+200% Damage to Undead 
+50 to Attack Rating against Undead 
7% Mana stolen per hit 
14% Life stolen per hit 
Prevent Monster Heal 
All Stats +30 
+1 to Light Radius 
Requirements -20% Ethereal 
6 Sockets (6 used) 
Socketed: Vex Rune 
Socketed: Hel Rune 
Socketed: El Rune 
Socketed: Eld Rune 
Socketed: Zod Rune 
Socketed: Eth Rune

LCS (you can stop reading now)

Strength: everything
Dex/Vit/Energy: the rest

Life: 1339 (BO/BC)
Resists: 75/69/80/48

WW Damage: 5k - 15k
AR: 8,2k

Skills: Max WW/Pole Mastery/BO, rest in Nat Res and Shout

eBotD GPA (see above)
Forti Dusk
Arreat's (6ll, 9dex/20ed/50ar jewel)
SoE (8ll/15dr)
Raven Frost (17/239)
Rare Ring (7ll/4ml/118ar/21CR/6FR)

Charms: AR/max dam/life (207 in total)

Likes: big sticks, life leech, long whirls on the beach
Dislikes: unleechables, PIs, mana burn

Merc: eth Reaper's (Shael) / Andy's (Fervor) / Enigma BP
Gameplay: Titan all the way (axes first, respec'ed to polearms at 69). Made for juicy damage, even naked. /p8 all the way through Normal & NM, /p7 for Hell A1-A4, /p1 for A5 because I got bored.
The merc was kind enough to carry the PI solution. No, not Reaper's. That's not a PI solution on p7. Enigma of course. Teleport was just a quick switch of armor away. :thumbsup: Enigma is actually an awesome merc armor. Makes him run faster and boosts his Might aura. Highly recommended. Well, wearing it yourself is better, but I was going for a nice looking LCS.

Deaths along the way? Annoyingly, yes. One to the explosion of the FE Council member in NM and another in A5 Hell to a Cursed/EFast/EStrong Frenzytaur pack in the Ancient's Way...
Otherwise ww was exciting but surprisingly safe. Long whirls through packs with multiple bosses were fun. Sometimes both the life and the mana bulb emptied and refilled several times during one whirl. 35% ll 4tw :)

Is there a point to this write-up? Umm, no, not really. Sorry. How about this:

Make a Titan. Vitality is overrated.

See you on the Moor! :wave:
(there will be levelling and another respec...)

Bonus: Guardians Gone Wild!!! (sfw)


Re: Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

That was a nice profile card of the barb.Congrats on the Pat.

As a HC player , I sure love to have a guardian snapshot like that one myself(My count now is 2 and one among the two already died while cowing :D ).

/* scrcrw included in the Bingo book. Agenda : Stealing his HC stashes tonight :p */


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Re: Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

Lovely barb , I just love big numbers on the lcs with melee characters.


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Re: Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

gg error in the thread title

Thanks guys!

@KT Killing Guardians is half the fun. ;) I think I stand at 2 deeds out of 16 Guardians - both sorcs (90 and 92 iirc)...
My HC stashes wouldn't help you very much, most of the really nice stuff is already in SC (including everything on this barb).

@maareek My next Barb will definitely of the zealing kind, Titan+eBotD just had been planned for awhile longer.

@Tanksaabas Indeed, huge damage = huge fun :thumbup:


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Re: Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

Putting points into Vit would be extremely silly for SC questing, so the Titan bit was obvious.
I laughed quite a lot on that bit. Your approach to SC after Guarrdianing quite a few chars (impressive screenshot, btw) is just... wow.

Congrats on the Patriarch! Enigma on the moron? Really? Right... 1.13c 4tw

Good luck on the moor.


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Re: Patriach ww - Titan WW Barb

I'm a sucker for big numbers and that LCS is a huge lollypop.

Congrats on your first(?) pat ;)