Patriach Otto


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Patriach Otto

"Wait for me back at the fortess Hazade, this is something I must accomplish alone" said Otto, wrenching his axe from an urdar corpse.
Hazade managed to nod through his dumbstruck awe as he stared UP at the citadel before him. Towering spires and spiring towers both soared off deep into the heat haze high above. the entrance was twisted and warped as if deformed souls had tried to force themselves out of the very rock. Then he promptly soiled himself and ran back to heaven's last bastion, the Pandemonium fortress.
Otto wiped his axehead down and checked the quiver of bolts hanging from his belt, all but full. perfect.
"You killed my brother Diablo, the last of my family, all I have to remember any of them by is his leg, I will kill you" Otto vowed as he crossed the threshold.

A pack of venom lords, great bat winged fiends, leapt from the shadows to dispatch this filthy intruder. Diablo's own henchman the Infector of souls was amongst this group, such was the lord of terror's fear of this newcomer. The axe struck out at the offending venom lords and in its speed the weapon appeared to be almost ethereal in nature. Again and again the weapon lashed out until even the infector fell to the flurry of powerful blows.

Otto was just finishing sifting through the corpses for treasure when a squadron of knights formed up around him, their commander hanging in the background. Otto ducked a swing from behind and brought his axe up into the thighs of the demonic adversary before him. As he stood he unslung the crossbow from his back and loosed a bolt at the commander who was pitched backwards by the force of the bolt slamming home into his throat. With their commander down many of the knights retreated, by running away really fast. The last few knights steadfastly stood their ground until they were dropped with blows from Otto's axe.

Diablo's last line of defence, his Grand Vizier also tried to take on Otto, but the only noteable thing he could recall afterwards was that chunk of spirit flesh almost taking out his eye in a gory explosion.

This was it, Diablo's time had come, Otto thought as the pair faced of over a sunken pentagram. Diablo raised his hands and Otto had to roll out of a rising column of flame. As he rolled he unholstered his crossbow and fired at Diablo, piercing his shoulder. Otto ducked behind a pillar as a wall of fire flared out from Diablo and roared across the room. Taking his chance while Diablo was distracted pulling the bolt out Otto dashed across the room and embedded his axe into the demons gut. Dropping the bolt Diablo lashed out at Otto, sending him flying and knocking the axe free. Otto jumped to his feet and the combatants closed in, axe battling talons. Swinging his tail in a mighty arc Diablo tried to crush the upstart human, but Otto leapt onto his tail and ran up his back. Planting his feet firmly between the demons gnarled shoulderblades he swung his axe and it passed through Diablo neck, seeming to leave no mark.

Diablo slumped forward, his head sliding from his shoulders and rolling a few feet away. Otto staggered over to the disembodied head and gave it a few good kicks before stealing Diablo's boots and running away.

Patriarch Otto
lvl 82 fanatic Zealot Paladin

20 Fanaticism
20 Zeal
20 Sacrifice
18 Conviction
1 Redemption

Damage: 3k-6k (after might)
Attack Rating: 9.3k
life: 1277
mana: 176

Weapon: Ethereal edge with 1-95 lightning dmg, +15 max jewel (I think)
Switch: hellrack with 2 shaels
Helmet: veil of steel with rare -15%req jewel.
Armour: CoH archon plate
Gloves: Dracul's grasp
belt: nosferatu's coil
boots: gore riders
Amulet: seraph's hymn
ring1: ravenfrost
ring2: rare dual leech, res all, ar ring.
Charms: 1 offensive skiller and lots of ar/max

lvl 82 might merc
dual amn, shael hone sundan(non eth, non upped)
eth duriel shell
vamp gaze

Finds of note:
treads of cthon of diablo. i love finding these boots for some reason.
gull dagger in tristram.
found alot of normal and exceptional S/U's. alot more than a mfless quester should. :D

Some thoughts:
lifetap isn't all that its cracked up to be. i'd prefer a merc with decrep anyday.
However lifetap made the bosses all harmless. and kept the merc alive. so it was handy.
Act bosses were a breeze.
Ancients were a breeze even though life tap didn't trigger until only madawc was left.
palies really dont have the life/crowd control to make effective use of 2 handed weapons. they really far too much on their shield.
hellrack was a godsend. fe + cursed lister anyone? fe + le bartuc? no. i thought not.


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corax said:
palies really dont have the life/crowd control to make effective use of 2 handed weapons. they really far too much on their shield.
Yes, if you limit yourself to your paladin's skills and use only "uber" gear, that's true. However uniques like darksight helm or runewords like gloom and delirium can more than make up for the lack of inherent crowd control abilities.

I agree with you that the 5% chance to cast lifetap on Dracul's is overrated, though.


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Nice write up :thumbsup:

Dracul's makes a fanatic with max block damn near invulnerable, but without the shield...



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Wonko the Sane said:
Out of curiosity, what sort of boots did you nick from Diablo? ;)

British terminology is cool

what british terminology? treads of cthon were mah boots.

Derrick said:
Dracul's makes a fanatic with max block damn near invulnerable, but without the shield...
leeching from 1.5k to 3k dmg every hit made me damn near invulnerable too.


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Wonko the Sane said:
I was referring to the word "nicked." 'Course, it could just be a non-American English thing, for all I know.

[insert] strewth, bloody oath did he bugger off with that sheila's boots [/insert]

australian anyone?