Patriach GeogeBush the zealot


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Patriach GeogeBush the zealot

My first single player patriach though I have had many on bnet they all had help from others.

Level 83

Stone Crusher
Guardian Angel
Vampire Gaze
String of Ears (8/15)
IK boots and gloves
+30 life +17 resist all amulet
+100 ar +11 dex w/ some resist ring

Act 2 Offensive Merc
Reapers toll

On switch demon limb for enchant charges (210% ar bonus and 100 fire damage for 10 minutes)

Did around 3200 damage average with 8000 - 9000 ar at 5fps. Had 12500 defense and 75 block. Reaper's toll + enchant took care of the physical immunes.

I died around 4x in hell and 6x in nm... all due to iron maiden in nm. 2x to iron maiden in hell. Died once instantly to the ancients and once from lister. Not sure what happened there (lister). I died when he died and I didnt see a CE and had full hp.


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Congrats on the Pat!

surely, Stone Crusher is not the only W.M.D. that GeorgeBush found in all his questing??


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Congratulations on your new Patriarch.

Stop by at the EMB to celebrate - I'll have a drink there waiting for you. :drink: