Patches Run (1.07-1.13)


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Patches Run (1.07-1.13)

So I'm kind of new here, and I was thinking about what kind of a character I could make in 2 weeks... 2 days per-patch, starting with 1.07 and upgrading patch-by-patch. I know most people who do patch-by-patch start out with 1.07-1.08 for a week or more, trying specifically to find certain items, but I think this would make for more interesting builds... No more super-tanks with 1000 Vitality etc.

How do you think this would turn out in the long run?

I realize that doing this, I couldn't get certain 1.07-1.08 items like the insane Arkaine's Valor or 40% life Shako, but I could still get some items like the nice crafts, great charms, etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this, of course at the end of it I would be in 1.13 with no more pre-patch items to be found, so I would level up to 85 and then start again with a new character.

Sky Lynx

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Re: Patches Run (1.07-1.13)

So you want to play each patch just for two days? Unless you level your char in the first day you wouldn't be able to find much from 1.07 then.

In overall a very nice idea, a lot of people do that.


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Re: Patches Run (1.07-1.13)

Im playing with my 1.07 sorc for a while now (a month?). I dont play much these days and Ive done few 1.13 chars in that time, too. In two days time you cant really find much. I dont think you can Mat an untwinked sorc in that time (it is possible to kill hell baal at lvl 50-60, though; I killed Hell ancients at lvl 54, baal at ~59). Racking is quite time consuming, but you can find some useful gear (mainly eth weapons and elite armor bases). Ive found set grailers (Griswolds cadu and corona) and many cool damage charms (+6 max sc, +18 max gc). I had Tals Armor and Wizardspike rack, but Ive lost it before any of those show up (1:125 to get a set item and 1:1000 to get an unique from the rack). In two days time you will not find any uniques, unless youre REALLY lucky. I havent made any crafts, runes are not very common.

I havent played 1.09 for a while now, but I quess after the difficulty of 1.07 (no /p9) it can be refreshing. I think Fronzen Orber from 1.07 can be viable, and you can get some cool items from NM meph (or hell meph, if you manage to get there in 1.07). Cows are a good target to exp (right?), and FOrber can do well against them, so you can level up a bit before you go 1.10.
1.10+ patches are not that different from each other compared to 1.07 and 1.09. Synergies mean you have to save some skill points in earlier versions.
1.13 - respec to you target build. Which is cool because by this time you will have some items.

I suggest you go Sorc for your first build. 1.07 Orber is very good. Exping is very tedious and it is very probable that you wont get far in 2 days. Save every little thing that can help your future chars (sigon set is the key!). I would aim for getting to NM act 3.
1.09 = killing nm meph as many times as you can and levelling up (you will be seriously underleveled in 1.07).
1.10 = developing your secondary attack (Id go Fireball). Maybe getting to hell meph.
1.11-1.13 - regular mfing, and matting your sorc. Blizzard sorc and Ancient Tunnels ftw.