[Guide] Patch 2.4.1 | All Wizard Set Dungeon Mastery Guide | UPDATED (Videos)


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Hi guys, these are my guide videos for Wizard Set Dungeon mastery.

Patch 2.4.1 UPDATED

  • Delsere's Magnum Opus
    • Enemies hit by a Slow Time that didn't initially hit 30 enemies are no longer prevented from counting toward the objective on future casts

  • Firebird's Finery
    • Objective 2 now requires you to Ignite or kill 20 enemies within 3 seconds 6 times

1. Delsere's Magnum Opus Set (2.4.1 updated)

2. Firebird's Finery Set (2.4.1 updated)

3. Vyr's Amazing Arcana (2.4.1 updated)

Patch 2.4.0 but ok for 2.4.1:

4. Tal Rasha Elements (2.4.0 but ok for 2.4.1)

If you need to get the Green Wings, you can subcribe this video for updating:

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