Patch 2.3 Updated on the PTR



The new PTR patch is live and playable, and all characters have been wiped. Blizzard has not posted the patch notes online, but they can be viewed through the launcher.

One interesting change is evidently anti-leeching: Higher levels of Torment are now limited to level 70 characters, and in public games you must be above certain Paragon point levels as well:
  • Torment 7 = Paragon 50+
  • Torment 8 = Paragon 100+
  • Torment 9 = Paragon 150+
  • Torment 10 = Paragon 200+

Full patch notes coming soon...
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Diablo: IncGamers Member
torment 10 should be atleast 350 or more nothing worse if u gonna play t10 and u will have people that barely can play at t6 in party....