Patch 2.1.1, thoughts on notes?


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Click on "Patch Notes" caption after the version number near "Play" to view the notes.

Basically, this is the Pet Support Patch. However, it's not all about the pets this patch, but it's the major focus.

Pets can inflict leg gem properties, their toughness is dynamically adjusted as to how easily dodgeable the attacks are to the owner, and overall pet responsiveness has been improved.

Another thing to add to note: All Legendary and Set Jewelry now simply require standard imperials to re-enchant, down from flawless imperials. You can now enchant these items three times as much.

Poor Kadala, her services were getting a dangerous affliction. Mountains of useless items before you hit legs or sets. There was an adjustment.

Kadala now charges more for items.
To reflect, chances of an item spawning Legendary or Set have also been increased.

And the joys of carrying Boon of the Hoarder still carry with Invasion Cursed Chest and Wave Cursed Shrine franticness of spawning oodles of gold. To reduce clutter, killed mobs drop fewer piles. To reflect, these fewer piles now carry the omitted gold from the other piles.

You're not being robbed. You're still getting your share of gold, but the screen is cleaner.

And here's my favorite, and everyone who banes this as a melee character, rejoice!

Electrified affix elites now have a short internal cooldown before their next electrified proc. This means you are now permitted to swing a little more crazy up close and not be retributed for it. Because nothing is more suffering than your 1.8aps spawning a flood of charged bolts. Thankfully, these bolts spawn less often now.

There is only one nerf to be had, and it's in regard to the Crusader. He can now be interrupted during Shield Bash.

Tell me, once you glance these notes, what is your most and least favorite? I bet it's the leg jewelry cost reduction.
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I chuckled at the notes, since all the big changes were exactly things we've talked about. Just last night during the downtime we had that big compilation of gambling data, showing how long it took to gamble desired legendary items. I didn't include mention of the "annoying running to Blacksmith to mass salvage blue/yellow after each page" but I've heard many fans voice it. (I didn't particularly mind; as I'm usually low on yellow mats despite picking up almost every rare I find just for the salvage.)

And on the new podcast we talked about how Boon of the Hoarder vacuum sessions can be tedious for lesser characters without Ferrets. And now the stacks from BotH have been reduced in number/buffed in size.

And Monstrous ranted about the difficulties of getting a high enough level GR Key via the Ream of Trials, and that's got a big adjustment.

And we talked about how electrified is doom for melee chars.

Obviously I'm not taking credit for the patch content, but also Bliz is definitely on top of the most current/pressing player concerns, whether major issues or just quality of life changes.


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Increase the 500 Blood Shard cap! It doesn't have to be infinite, but 1000 or so seems fair with the increased prices.


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I love most changes. Kadala was a large source of my crafting mats and the buff to greater rift guardians mat drops aren't even close to compensating for the loss. Not a huge problem, just means I can't walk past rares while doing bounties/rifts anymore.

I only saw one change that I thought was terrible, but it doesn't really effect me.

They changed the way Trial Keystones work. They changed it in the middle of the season. I thought they introduced leaderboards to add a competitive outlet for those so inclined. Nerfing the piss out of how greater rift keys are generated in the middle of the season seems very disrespectful to me. Some people were actually spending a lot of time working on climbing the ladder.