Patch 1.14d on Mac

Rickard Håkanson

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Hey there, I'm trying to install patch 1.14d on my iMac running osx Mojave.
I understand there are several problems with running D2 on a mac, but 1.14b is running just fine, but I want to be able to play with friends and therefore I need 1.14d.

To my problem, when I try to run the patcher, nothing happens. The app is just bouncing on the dock and nothing more happens. I have tried reinstalling D2 and LoD several times without success.

Anyone has any tips? Theres not much to go on when googling this (or my google skills might be lacking)

Thank you


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Then you will need to connect to Battlenet. That will update the game automatically. Connect to B-net like you're going to play an online game. The patch process should start as soon as it checks the game version you have against what it is on their server.