Patch 1.00 to 1.06b cheesy items?


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Hi there, I've always wondered what exactly is out there in the darkness also known as patches 1.00 to 1.06b. I've read so much about time travelling from 1.07 on wards but nothing about before this, regardless of it being frowned if you bring the items forward, what can you actually do if you just go back?

I am going to be reliving the zero cooldowns and soj gambling madness of the early patches, I probably won't bring any of the items forward but I want to venture out and explore some of the weirder areas of d2, and maybe get some extremely cool items to pointlessly stare at.

So, after my extremely long winded introduction, does anyone have any information on the one of a kind goodies available from putting work into patch 1.00 to patch 1.06b ?

Thanks all in advance, this really interests me :)


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This forum has everything, thanks for showing me the way. I have no idea how my google searches didn't bring that up like it does everything else on this site. Thanks for your help!!

I thought there would be a lot more crazy stuff you could do in these early patches.


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Apart from getting stuff for the later patches, not really. It's the sick WW and the immortal blood golem mostly, and bonewalls dropping items.

However, none of the uniques are any better (unless you keep them in classic; then no lvl req) and sets are garbage. Rares is where it's at, with the higher resistances, higher leech, higher goldfind and possibility for strength on boots and dex on belts. Also, if you want a +2 class skills rare amulet in 1.07, you HAVE to get it in classic.

You can also shop white war scepters in hell act 4 which will get 5 sockets from larzuk. These can easily have +holy shield, something which is very difficult to obtain in 1.10+ and which must be found, not shopped, in 1.07-1.09d

Oh, and there's always the easy SoJs.