Pat Iago - Concentration/Beast Barbarian


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Pat Iago - Concentration/Beast Barbarian

Iago began his career as an attendant to the Moor Othello. However, he dreamed of battle and glory, while his liege lord wanted nothing more than to think about his wife. Thus, he came under the influence of the English fool, Falstaff, whilst on holiday in England.

Othello was not unhappy with his attendant's decision and gave to him two valuable articles of clothing: Hsarus' Belt and Boots. Iago wore these well and garnered fantastic bonuses to his defense and ability to hit his target while ignoring the attacks of others. (He wore them until he found his end game replacements)

Eventually, Iago became a great finder of equipment off the opponents he battled and almost all of his equipment came from those finds, except for some timely additions from Falstaff. He wore little to no magic find, yet for some reason, unique articles kept coming in his direction.


Level 86 Barbarian

Str 138/214
Dex 110/170
Vit 267
Energy 10/22


Shout 20/25
Concentrate 20/26
Battle Orders 20/25
Axe Mastery 20/26

Remaining skill points at conclusion: 5

Armor: CoH (from Falstaff), but made the Lionheart that gets passed around
Helm: IK with P Ruby
Gloves: IK
Boots: IK
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Weapons: Main - Beast in an Ettin Axe (119-238), Switch - Demon Limb

Amulet: +2 Masteries, Dex +14, Energy +2, FR 36, PR 29, HFD
Ring: Crafted Blood - Min Dam +8, Mana Steal +2%. Life Steal +3%. Str +1. Life +41 and +9 Max Stamina
Ring: Rare - AR +113, 6% Life Steal, Dex +6, Mana +4, ice blast charges

Charms: Expert's GC of Lightning, Fanatic's GC, 4 different 5% FHR SC, Lightning 1-22SC, Lightning 1-32 LC and a +33 life LC.

Merc: Might - Ethereal Reaper's Toll from Falstaff (socketed with an AMN this time as the LVL 9 Fanaticism made the Shael not too important). He still died a few times to ranged attackers as he refused to follow directions and charged into packs shooting blood stars. Armor was the Lionheart from Falstaff (from Iago), and the helm was the blood crafted one (5% CTC frost nova, +2 combat skills barb only, 3% life steal, 9% deadly strike, Defense 135, Life +17 and Poison duration reduced by 25%).

Early equipment included various swords and maces, including an Aldur's. I held off on the Weapon Mastery until I had everything for Beast. Once he was equipped with Beast and had the 25% IAS partial bonus from the IK gloves, he was a killing machine and the Reaper's Toll helped to make mincemeat of the PI guys and aided crowd control.

However, prior to the merc using the Reaper's Toll, Iago dealt with the PI problem through Beserk and had no issues at all. I feel that he could have made it through as a Guardian, given the defensive ability of his concentration.

Quite fun to play, but there is no question that Beast made the build much more enjoyable than a non-fanaticism/non-CB build.

Notable Finds: Hellforge produced an Um and a Gul. Baal dropped Raven Frost at the very end. The two skillers came from rolling GC's found in the Pit on Hell difficulty. He was excellent at running the Pit.

I'm getting too used to CoH on my characters. :) I may try for something else next time.

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Re: Pat Iago - Concentration/Beast Barbarian

Congrats on the Conc barb. Did you ever play around with bear-mode?