Passive & magic skills for frostmaiden


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Passive & magic skills for frostmaiden

I think I have read enough guides and threads about the frostmaiden to understand the stats and equipment and what not. However, the distribution of passive & magic skills is always different per thread and I can't seem to work it out.

I figure 17 Valkyrie ( +skills will raise this more).
What else? Pierce is suppose to be very important but what about the skill itself? Just put 1 in here and have +skills do the rest? Pre-eqs for all the other skills? I'm just a bit lost with this tree.


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For PvM I always just have 1pt in D/E/A. In the Pierce-skill I have 9pts, after +skills, this is if you use Razortail belt(witch you should). Valkyrie I like to max, since its your defence. But you can get away with 17 also.


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The only reason people say to stop leveling valk at 17 is because she gets a rare war pike at level 17. It is the last meaningful, reachable upgrade in her equipment. But whether you go with 17 hard points or including + to skills, it is probably important to reach at least that point. Anything after that is gravy and per your personal playing style. Many zons have spare skill points so spend them however you wish. The rest of what Krem said is spot on.