Passive Barb


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Passive Barb

I want to make a Barb for just the fun of the game. So no PvP or good cowhunting barb, I dont even need to kill Baal in 6 strikes. I just want to be able to play and still talk to people or play when I am drunk or tired.

I was going for a concentrated sword/shield barb in the beginning since I like shields (dont die too fast) and dont like whirlwind (need to be too active while playing, a misclick can lose you your life, and I like to play with 1 hand while beating up Diablo or Baal) but I decided that this might not be the best way. Therefore Id like some advice from veterans.

Is beserk doable in Hell? Or do I need too much life and die real soon while having no defense? If I got life leech and Beserk, does that still work at least a little? Or is the magic damage from beserk too big so the leech doesnt really work? I dont like to have to WW every 3 seconds to gain my life back, or have to search for potions. I just like to walk calmly through the dungeons and kill everything slowly on my way to Baal.

I guess Battle Orders is still the best with v1.10? I already did 3 spells in my defense rating as I found it useful, but when I go for beserk I rather go into walk speed right? (and of course resistances!!)

I also dont like to jump too much. I just like to stand into a crowd fighting, take a pauze to say hi to unexpected visitors in real life, then continue fighting. So if I need to jump or warcry or ww all the time I dont really like it.

Any suggestions which spells, items (I go rather for swords) or strategies I should max? Concentration aint to bad after all? Or too less damage?


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You had it right first time. Conc S/S barb. They are simply the greatest tanks in the game. While concing youll have well over 20K def easy with a decent gear set up. As far as the build goes for acheiving what you want the best IMO is:

20 Conc
20 BO
20 Shout
20 Mastery
1 Zerk,BCommand,BCry
5 NR
Rest Into Iron Skin

Str For equip
Dex for block (ss needs 203 at 90 and 222 at 99)
Vit Rest
Mana none

Set One: (best of the best)
AF with ed/ias
SS with ed/ias
Enigma or CoH
Highlords Ammy
Gores or Tavs
BK and Raven
Vergundos or String

Set 2: (not so expensive)
AF Ed/ias or just ias
SS ed/ias or just ias
Doom ed/ias
Valor ed/ias
Steelrends or IK
Gores or tavs
Bk and raven
Vergundos or String


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mix them up

Is it possible to mix it up? I have the feeling it sounds bad, since conc goes for defense, and beserk for a lot of life (i guess) so with conc I rather have high dex, and high stone skin, and with beserk probably battle orders and fast walking...

but since I play a little beserk now and things go fast in normal and start of nightmare, I dont like the idea of slowing TOO MUCH in hell...

Should I still go for beserk afterwards? How does a beserk barb look / play like?


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i think you can do dont need iron skin, use shout for higher defense and ironically, its a synergy for berserk(which makes your def go to zero)
1 point in berserk with the maxed out shout synergy will be more than enough damage to handle an phys immunes u might run into that conc cannot handle



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Those blizzy guys must have had a lot of fun finding synergies for skills.

Actually "Shout" makes sense for "Berserk". If you are going nuts and attacking recklessly, I doubt you would be whispering your threats :D


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Well I have a conc/zerker my self with basicly the same build i just told you but with dueling modifacations in the equip department and instead of points to NR and Iron Skin I have them in Zerk and Inc Speed at 99 ill have like a 15 zerk and 20 conc and the killing power is far from slow so you wont be disappointed in it.

As far as the stats go its basicly the same for any barb you build the only difference is if you go w/o a sheild you only put dex to equip instead of dex for block.


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mmm..i think Berserk converts your physical damage to magic, so leech won't work at all.


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prion said:
mmm..i think Berserk converts your physical damage to magic, so leech won't work at all.
correct. it's an effective PI killer and a great fix for IM, which is the worst mistake blizzard ever made, imo. It's the reason I won't play a barb hc.


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Just a double check and few more questions:

Concentrate does enough damage, I don't need Beserk?
Iron Skin actually works even in Hell when I got a concentrate barb?
Leeching + Concentrate makes me very well indestructable even in hell?
This could be a good Hardcore character if I am being paranoid about dying?
I should raise Dex higher than 150 before I become actually lvl 80 or higher? Doesnt improve my attack skill or anything too much? (When walking with concentrate I probably hit enough anyway?)
Should I have a compagnion (whats his name again) and which one is the best? Will he stay alive though? (dont like to go back to town after 3-4 opponents)

This is a very good character even in hell when I dont go PvP or cows?