Passion - s#x0r weapon for melee sorc


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Passion - s#x0r weapon for melee sorc

Some posts ago, somebody claimed that was possible 8/4 fpa zeal with a passion phaseblade. Well... i said it was impossible... not the X/4, but the 8/x. And then the guy insisted again, in error, that he heard that 8/4 was possible with a Sorc. I think he (and a lot of other passion users) don´t know about how Zeal works, nor its BPs, and never have played a true Zealot pala.
Sorcs normal attack minimum FPA is 10. The first zeal attack is a normal attack. So, it can never be lower than 10/X.
Then, after several guides that suggested Passion as weapon, but didn´t shown any BPs, i thought if i was wrong about wasting the resources i did to make my Hand of Justice PB... Well.. i made a Passion myself, 2 days ago.
After preliminary testing of BPs, Zeal speed with Passion isn´t nearly as close as Zeal speed in a pala; With my equipment setup, i was at 10/8.
Breakpoints i could recognize:
45 IAS - 10/8. (25 from passion, 20 from gloves)
75 IAS - 10/7 (mavina´s circlet)
???? - 10/6
I WASN´T ABLE TO REACH the 10/6 breakpoint even with 130 IAS. 60 IAS Armor may be needed to reach this breakpoint, with sacrifice of many other useful and NEEDED mods from gear...
10/5 is B#LLSHIT, as legitimately it is already very hard, if not impossible, to reach 10/6, that may be around 140-145 IAS. And i bet NO sorc ever saw 10/6.
Ppl think they attack lightning-speed just cuz of the usually sluggish sorc attack, and may get wrong breakpoints.

And then, we can compare the mods of Passion and HoJ, and see that Passion has almost all crappy mods but Blind Target, and the hateful mod % to flee, while HoJ has a lot of usefull mods, including -20% FIRE RESIST, that with the fact that Hoj on its own will deal 2k more damage than Passion to a twinked sorc, will pump final damage of a perfect setup from 20k to around 24k, more than makes for the spread-out zeal at 7 or 8 frames / 18k damage.
Even a Kingslayer, transforming main attack into Vengeance, and with its awesome mods (OW, CB, PmH), would beat a Passion zealer.

Hand of Justice > Kingslayer > Passion even at 7 frames (realistic BP)

I still am mad bout wasting so many resources to make that crappy passion pb :p


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that is so true, passion relaly sucks for a sorc. i even tried partying with my friend's pally. even his high lvl fanatism didn't give me any speed increase.

but when i transfereed the passion phaseblade to my assy. she hits nearly as fast as a pally with bos. sorcs just can't reach that high of a attack rate


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aleks said:
that is so true, passion relaly sucks for a sorc. i even tried partying with my friend's pally. even his high lvl fanatism didn't give me any speed increase.

but when i transfereed the passion phaseblade to my assy. she hits nearly as fast as a pally with bos. sorcs just can't reach that high of a attack rate
Pally is the fastest 1h sword user in game.
Sorc is the slowest (or necro).
That's why in pure melee bear >> passion by far, for a constant 5/5/5/5/5... attack


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Now the cost:
Hand of Justice is extremely expensive, seeing as 3 of the runes needed are extremely high (higher than most of SP players will ever see).
Kingslayer is affordable for moderately wealth players.
Passion is affordable to any player who has had 1-2 players in hell.

So in pure killing power, yes, Hand of Justice>Kingslayer>Passion...but in cost Hand of Justice>>>Kingslayer>>Passion.
Personally I do consider the (possible) 80% increased Attack Rating on Passion a good mod though, and +10 Blind Target is the best Blinding Attack in the game, and with Blind being one of the best crowd control mechanisms, I'd say that mod alone makes Passion a good weapon for an Enchantress.

Other affordable weapons that could work would be Hexfire (ITD, +3 Fire Skills), Djinn Slayer (nice fire damage) and of course Azurewrath (high magic damage, high cold damage, +1 skills, decent speed).


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Hexfire can be used in the 2nd slot, but for goin meele its definitifly crap...
I ask myself y no1 is thinkin of Baranars Star, the n1 meele weapon of 1.09 - nice dmg, agreeable speed and some pdmg that enables lifeleech. and its cheap ***. i dont agree with azurewrath as a good weapon, only think is that 10 fpa is easy to get but else it sux.


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I have a level ** Melee sorc who uses passion

I have a level ** Melee sorc who uses passion.
I've found that hitting the first breakpoint in attack speed is all that is worth trying for. I would also like to say that my sorc's attack hits the 2nd breakpoint when I am in the presence of a good Fanat aura and if I could hit that without a huge sacrifice in gear that would be awsome but alas I can't.

Passion is a good melee sorc weapon for these reasons...

Hit Blinds Target - Crowd control, keeps monsters from chasing you.

25% Cuase Monster to flee - You may not like this mod but I can tell you that when you are surrounded by 10 Cows in the hell cow level you may be happy when 25% of them run away while you attack the rest. This mod keeps you from being overwelmed by a crowd of monsters. The downside is that when you are fighting just one monster it can be annoying for it to run away alot. Ofcourse since you are a sorc you can teleport to it's new possition and keep on zealing. I rarely have any problem with this.

Passion allows you to hit monsters at all adjacent angles. Again, this is about crowd control and since you are a melee charracter, this is very important to you.

Passion is cheap. - The only semi expensive rune in it is a Lem and 4 socket phase blades are not hard to come by.

Zeal is a non interruptable attack - Try using a normal attack when you are stunned. It doesn't work. Now try zealing and notice that a stun or a hit will not interrupt your attack. This is useful for pvp and pvm.

My melee sorc will gladly duel your melee paly, your barb or your melee assasin.
I have taken on lvl 90 something zeal palys and won about 50% of the time even though they hit like 2x faster.

I employ a level 31 enchant, energy shield, Maxed Shiver armor, Max Block, Call To Arms and A wand of Lower resists for pvp.

- jason166 on USEast non ladder.


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In 1.09 your zealattack would be interupted, but it just didnt show because the zeal animation just kept going till it had delivered all the blows.


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Zeal is semi-interruptible, cuz it will continue to the end IF the target is in range... i didn´t duel yet in 1.10.

I was saying PvM, that
HoJ >>> KSlayer > Passion

Beast >>>>> Passion > KSlayer > HoJ

Hope of HoJ beating Passion would be defensive shift+click/retreat ala avengersxzealers in 1.09... note the difference between avenger/zealer and hoj/passion. hmm hard with my eqpt setup now.
no-rules duel? (lr wand)
would you duel a fire-immune doom gthresher range5 9fpa decrepify casting 2k bone armor necro? decrep 20 + HF 12 = 3x/2x frames zeal heh :p question something like yours.


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or you can use a beast to turn into werebear and then switch to a ROBO PHASE (capable of 5 fps on bearsorc -- 95 WEAPON ias required i THINK)

it can NOT reach 4 fps (123 WEAPON ias required -> 6x shael = 120)