Passion rw for berserk barb in what?


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I need a suggestion what weapon should I go if I make a passion for my single player baba.
The alternative is currently a noneth Hune Sundan with *2 shael. I could upp it and add a Hel in theory.
I think I should go for swords, if at all. Or maybe I'm mistaken. Advise me.

The current gear is:
- Death Gloves
- Radiance helm
- Smoke -> Duress armor
- resist + AR rings
- resist amu
- Hsarus belt + boots (possible change in the future)

Just for curiosity:
- not using extended stash, selffind items
- was totally single-pass until I needed some minor gem in Nightmare Act 3 to cube higher runes (the two shaels and a Lum)
- A1 cold merc did not die until nightmare Act 2. Still keeping it. Possible change to Act HF.
- currently reached nightmare A5, Diablo was quite easy
- Duriel was impossible to hit with berserk
- weapons in the use were only 2 before current: Blackrazor, then Hwanin's Justice
- slightly worrying about magic immun creatures in Hell