Passion repair costs?


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Passion repair costs?

I am making a dual dream passion melee sorceress just for fun and I am not sure what to use for the passion weapon. I have a 4 os PB and a 4 os berzerker axe on my mules.

Berzerker axe has higher damage but my sorc will be 20 warmth, 20 enchant, 20 fire mastery 20 lightning mastery and the usual 1 point support skills, so the main damage won't be physical damage. The PB offers more IAS and it is indestructible.

After I made a Beast Axe a while ago, I swore to myself never ever any other non indestructible runeword melee weapon for pve anymore. Yes I know about Orts and I am not poor (not that rich either but I get along), however, I much much rather spent my orts cubing them to thuls and amns (spirit runes) than wasting them for weapon repairs that last 20-30 minutes in pve.

So is Passion another very expensive to repair RW or is it payable? Beast Axe was well over 500k for full repair which was necesary after like 20-30 minutes pve so Orts were the only real solution.



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I don't think the repair costs are nearly as bad as many other runewords, but it doesn't matter:

You seem to have answered the PB vs BA question for yourself already. You list a bunch of pro's for the PB and essentially none for the BA (since physical damage is irrelevant). I've never even heard of a Zeal Sorc using a BA.