Pally or Barb help plz


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Pally or Barb help plz

:rolleyes: Hey sup yall, this is just to help me decide which class to go for. Obviously, im really gettin tired and bored of any caster type(sorcs are ***, hammer are pieces of #$^$%!!! and i hate tryna depend on +skill gear). I narrowed the barb down to the BvC build, and for the pally im guessing the best build is the charger/smite?? (if not and theres a better build tell me lol). It would help if u guys could tell me which one comes out on top more often and which is more "superior." (And could also run on cheaper gear, altough i kno both are expensive). Either way I just hope i end up with somethin fun.

Here are the Pro/Cons for each class "TO ME" for now:
Pally Pros
Lotsa damage
Plenty def
Health/Mana Leech for pvm(Less dying)
No need for +skill items(Less dependant on skill charms)
Pally Cons
Expensive gear(pvp wise)
No BO skill(cant really afford the CTA right now )

Barb Pros
Lotsa Def
Health/Mana Leech makes easy pvm
Max BO skill which doesnt require me to get a CTA
No need for +skill items(Less dependant on skill charms)
Barb Cons
Expensive gear(pvp wise)
Scared WW wont be doing ALOT of damage as it should be in PVP compared to others' damage.

Again these are the pro and cons that i first think of about these two classes. So help me pick which one i should make, and thank you

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How much wealth can you afford, is the question to ask yourself

I'd say BvC, but takes lots of time to master, assuming you can get hold of a grief zerk with 34+ias.