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Be more specific... Level? any build you have in mind? Pking or dueling?


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Some paladin builds (think I'm going to cut and paste these for the next one who asks ;)):

The standard low level paladin stuff:

3 socketed mask
3 or 4 socketed armour
3 socketed pally shield with enhanced damage
Fill all those with max damage jewels.

Deaths sache

charms with + life, one cold damage charm for chilling.

These are the same for any pally build under clvl 17, when twitch comes into play

Ranger paladin (lvl 9):

1 point in smite (for stunning - to get away) and the rest of your points in might.

You need a very high damage javelin. Deaths gloves (speed), magic rings and amulet. Good mods are +1 max damage, AR (very important), + strenght/dex,... Boots are any that give you Faster Run/Walk.

Lacks a bit in damage, but that's made up for by the fact that you look like a noob and you've got a ranged attack.

Zealot (lvl 12 to 15):

4 points in zeal (with items), 1 point in smite, one point in charge, rest in sacrifice.

Try to find a white scepter with + 3 to zeal, socket it with the socket quest for 5 sockets, and fill with max damage jewels. Other option is cleglaws sword with max damage jewel.

Just put zeal on your left attack, smite on your right and go smite zeal smite zeal... Nice though expensive) build to start with, it's easy to use. Charge to get close.

2handed Charger (lvl 12):

HUGE damage pike, maul, 2h axe... Angelic rings and amu, any boots (no need for FRW).

1 point charge, max might, max might, rest into charge.

Very easy and cheap to make, very easy to get killed. Point and click.

1handed charger (lvl 12):

Get a 5-socketed scepter with +charge/might, or clegs. Angelic rings and amu. Any boots will do.

Skills are the same as the 2handed charger.

Suprisingly, 1handed chargers do as much or more damage than their twohanded counterparts (they get much damage from heir shield). As easy to controll, but much more expensive.

Martyr (lvl 9):

5-socketed scepter with +skills or clegs sword. Magic rings (see ranger). Boots with faster run/walk.

Max sacrifice, 1 point in smite, rest in might.

Amazing damage for a lvl 9. The main problem you'll have is catching your opponent.

All builds are listed at their lowest possible level. You can build them at higher level, with better gear. But I'm no expert with higher lvl (18 and up) paladins.

Hope this helps...