Pally critique


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Pally critique

Ok my Zealot is pretty solid but still requires some fine tuning. He is mostly pvm but eventually I would like to move him to pvp. Here is his gear:

Helm: CoA 2os (still unused)
Armor: CoH wyrm (not aesthetically pleasing, if you plan on making one, spring for the boneweave)
Weapon: Grief (perf -6dmg)
Sheild: HoZ with perf diamond
Gloves: Dracs
Belt: Dungos
Sneakers: up'd Gores

Here are the nasties:
Rings: 2 ravens
Ammy: 15 str, 19 dex, 10% chance to cast lvl 5 frost nova (ewwwwww, frost nova is nice for the mass slow tho...)
11/13/6 anni

Str: 174 (ouch)
Dex: 140
Vita: 322
Nrgy: 10
80 remain in case I need more.

maxed zeal, fanat, hs and sac. One in salvation.
7 remain, thinking about defiance, one in cleansing, or resist auras for passives

The jewelry is my least favorite part. I am waiting till I get my torch and better anni. As you can tell, I am
kinda a stickler for wasting points that could be better used in vita.

The 2 os in my helm need to be filled. Thinking about cham for cbf when I lose the ravens for angelics or something else. Also, my CB is a little weak (only 15). My FHR is at 50 so I meet the 5th breakpoint if I am correct.

I would love to hear your comments and critiques.
Thank you all for the input.