Paladins and OK's *sigh*


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Paladins and OK's *sigh*

My 1 pt smiter is currently 83. I anticipate taking him at least another 10 levels or so. He has maxed the recommended skills (zeal, sacrifice, fanaticism and holy shield) and currently has six saved points - with the potential for at least another 10 points. So will have the possibility of approximately up to 16 skill points to a chosen skill.

He is very safe with the obvious exception of OKs. My question is how best to tackle them. I am considering Lawbringer in a sceptre class weapon with +Salvation skills/Redemption and using his additional points in vengeance. Using that on switch in CS and WSK when I hit Knights. What do you guys/gals think?

Am I correct in thinking that I could put Lawbringer in a very low powered weapon and the magic damage would be enough to take out OK's (with or without vengeance) relatively quickly?

I use a lot of crushing blow; does Iron Maiden reflect that back at me?

I use RWM/RRM but am not wealthy enough to do Grief :rolleyes:. Nords is the current 'standard weapon'.

Thank you for your considered input.

Edit: I *SUCK* and let me emphasise that *SUCK* at bows. Monsters run *in* to my path for safety when I use a bow.

Edit2: Should have also said HoZ, Smoke, Nords, crafted +2 off aura ammy, Gores, Dracs, Natures Peace and Ravenfrost.

Six saved points now; up to 16 at level 93 (which is achievable).


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i used gimmershred on switch which enabled me to take on both PI's and those IM casting nutters.

(vengance is useless for PI's with only a few points imo)


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I maxed Conviction and Zeal with Gimmershred when I fancy a change from Zeal/Fanaticism. Thrown Gimmers with Conviction against OKs. Works like a charm. Of course, I'm not suggesting that you rebuild.

I wouldn't rely much on a 1 point Vengeance against OKs... if you have an elite weapon with some nice ED%, the amount of elemental damage still isn't too high.

Zealing with Lawbringer in a low damage 3 os weapon could work, if you turn your Fanaticism off. The Sanctuary aura, CtC Decrepify and Slain Monsters Rest in Peace are all excellent mods against OKs. Still, I'd be hesitant to melee against them, all the more if several Doom Knights happen to walk up to you, and you start Zealing them, and then get IM'ed. But it's still a lot safer than Zealing with Nord's, Fanaticism and getting IM'ed.

Gimmershred without Conviction also works, but without the -enemy defense that Conviction grants, your AR will not be brilliant. At least it is safe, as you'll be throwing them against OKs.


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This is a no brainer, but for a physical damage paladin it is the fastest way to just save&exit if there are OK:s in WSK. Of course this is a bit relational to your damage output, but with Nord's I'm guessing it's way faster to just reroll the map than to pick the enemies with a bow or Gimmershred.

Thanks to Vigor + Charge, running to WSK doesn't take long, at least with a decent map.


One thing worth noting is that Vengeance elemental dmg depends on your base physical dmg, and that without dmg enhancing auras. So to deal sufficient elemental dmg to anything, you'll also have to deal at least semi-suicidal physical dmg. Running past, approaching OKs and waiting to be Decrepified, using a bow/thrown weapon or high elemental dmg wands are going to be your bet bets against IM.

FrostBurn said:
The Sanctuary aura, CtC Decrepify and Slain Monsters Rest in Peace are all excellent mods against OKs.
Uhm, why? They're not melee, so the knockback of Sanctuary is not very useful. They're not PI, so the anti-undead-immunity of Sanctuary is again not going to help. They don't explode, reanimate or resurrect each other (unless you're talking about greater mummies, which resurrect gloams and vampires as well) so I don't see where SMRIP could again be useful. As for Decrepify, well, it's a great tool against every single monster in the game!

VoX Dei

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My solution. Cheap and effective. Passion (DolOrtEldLem) elite 1h weapon + high blocking% shield on switch.

IM only affects the physical damage output. Passion gives +1 to Berserk, the baba slvl30 1 point wonder, which converts all physical damage into huge magical damage like in Blessed Hammer). Plus +all skills gear will raise the slvl of Passion Berserk. The major downfall of berserk is that it resets defense to "zero". So you must use a high blocking% shield to offset this. Also, don't forget you have Holy Shield!

Take my advice for what it's worth (my 2 cents). Just go ahead and melee to death all those pesky OK's!

Btw, does anyone know if concentration aura increases Berserk damage output? I'm asking because it raises BH damage which does exactly the same type of damage berserk does.


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VoX Dei said:
Btw, does anyone know if concentration aura increases Berserk damage output? I'm asking because it raises BH damage which does exactly the same type of damage berserk does.
Yes it does.


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I'm not sure what level of IM you're dealing with, but if it's sufficiently low you might be able to counter it with lifetap and enough PDR. For example if IM returns 100% physical damage, and you're wearing 50% PDR, you get 50% of your physical damage returned to you. Lifetap gives you 50% leech, so that should offset the IM. The only problem is that I think (although I'm not sure, has anyone tested? :scratch: ) the IM damage gets applied before the Lifetap heal, so it does you no good if you can't survive at least one IM'ed hit. With a low damage weapon like Nord's you might be able to manage, but when you get a Grief you'll be hitting for well over 10k, it isn't really viable anymore.

One other thing to remember is that OK's will almost always cast Decrep if you get next to them. If it's only one OK, take him out first by running right next him to bait the Decrep then bashing his brains out. If there are a lot of OK's (as in more than one cursing you at the same time), then it'd be safest and fastest to reroll the map like Denton suggested.

Denton said:
Yes it does.
To clarify, Concentration boosts Berserk because all %ED gets applied to the physical damage before it's converted to magic damage by Berserk (so Might, Fanaticism, etc. all boost Berserk damage). BH is the only magic damage that gets boosted by Concentration, otherwise you could pair a hammerdin with a bone necro and get 15K spear/spirits and 4k teeth. In general, Concentration only boosts physical damage.


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Having run a schaeferdin from level 93-94 doing baal runs, I think I have my anti Ok knight strategy down pat!

Basically the main problem is with zealots. You start a 5 hit zeal string, get hit with IM on attack Number 2 or 3, and your instadead. Solution? Swap to normal attack. If your zealot is set up for 8/4 fps zeal, then your normal attack for 5 attacks should be 8 fps or 40 frames versus 24. A smiter is 30 frames assuming you have a 6fps attack speed. By using a one hit slower attack, then when you see the familiar IM curse on your head, you can simply stop attacking and do something to rid the curse. I find it quite effective in single player, but does not work in multi player with a moderate to high ping like what I regularly see.

The other part of the strategy is learning when knights use IM. After a while, you can work out when they use curses or close to melee. They favor using curses on you when your approaching or engaging other monsters from a distance. Basically you have to rush in and get surrounded by knights and force them to switch to melee which is quite often just another way to get your pally killed. but it works for my schaeferdin because of his massive (27,600) defence combined with 75% chance shield block. With that much defence, the fastest way to kill is to get surrounded.

The other danger is from knights just off screen who have you in casting range so you usually have to race in and then back track somewhat just so that you know where all the OK's are within IM casting range.