Paladin: "Zealess?! But she's a GIRL!"

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Paladin: "Zealess?! But she's a GIRL!"

I was bored today, so I looked up runes (I happen to have an Um and a Mal right now, thought I could make something cool) and I came across Passion. Given that sorcs have tried using it with enchant, I was thinking zons could use it with all their evasion skills and such. Thus, sword_chucks was born. She's going to be a pure melee/passives zon utilizing said passion (in a phase blade). So far, here's what I've got:


20 Critical Strike
20 Penetrate
20 Valkyrie
12 Dodge
7 Avoid
12 Evade

12/7/12 is enough to get me to 50% each, and I have 16-17 points left over which won't matter since this zon probably won't make it that far. But it's FUN! As for equipment, this is a rough sketch:

Weapon: Passion Phase. Duh.

Shield: Storm is yummy, and I just found one the other day! Probably Um'd.

Helm: I'm looking at Guillamme's Face, so far. I'm not expecting much in terms of damage, even with crit strike, so I think it'd be a good idea to snag CB/OW/whatever i can get. Most likely Um'd as well, assuming I can snag another.

Gloves: Ideally, 2 passives/20 ias/3 ll. Other mods would be nice, of course.

Armour: Duriel's Shell or Crow Caw. Depends on if I can get resists.

Rings: Some sort of leech and a raven. Maybe a +1 skiller for zeal

Boots: Gore riders sounds nice.

Ammy: No clue here, will depend on question located at end of character summation. Leaning towards Mara's.

As for stats, here goes:

Str: 156 (Storm)
Dex: max block, i'll figure it out later
Vit: everything else
Ene: I don't use mana until 30. I don't use mana FREQUENTLY until passion. Hmm.

And, now, what pretty much finishes my build... what might the IAS tables be for Zon zealing? I get that I need 72 ias for a 7 fpa attack with the phase, but zeal is what I'm looking for. So, can you help me out?


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The problem with amazons using a shield while wielding non thrusting (spear, javs) weapons is that it takes them around 10 centuries to complete a blocking animation. Their blocking starts near the highest possible frame value like 15 or something and takes an enormous amount of faster block to get down to any rate. Even with stormshield, anything more than a few monsters will have you sitting there watching (yes the blocking is so slow you see her put the shield up slowly and then hide it afterwards) your zon block stuff in place because she cannot move.


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I think zons will also block at a normal rate with dagger class weapons. Unfortunately no daggers can get 4 sockets for Passion.

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I have encountered this block rate problem, and am working on how to get it fixed. Right now I'm leveling with a dagger (she's either 48 or 49), so I don't have the block problem. Even with it, leveling is ok. My theory is that you won't go into block animation while zealing, thus zeal + passion = no problems. Of course, this is merely a theory, and I'll have to find out for myself. But yeah, the block thing hasn't caused any problems yet, through norm. Then again, it's NORM. :/ Time will tell whether she's good or not, but I have faith.

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I figure I should probably give an update on my findings, given that there could be someone out there that might care. (Yeah, I see you in the corner) She's lvl 74 in hell a2, has some of her endgame equip, and eats things. Unless she gets mobbed, crushing blow (i have ~50%) will destroy things. NM baal took maybe 3 minutes, hell andy less. Stats are as follows:

Str: 156 (storm)
Dex: 136 (phase blade)
Vit: Everything else
Energy: Nothing, not like it'd help me when those damned mana burn uniques come around


Crit Strike: 20
Penetrate: 20
D/A/E: 12/7/12
Valk: 7ish
1 point in prereqs

I'm thinking max valk, then chuck whatever's left into inner sight. You'd be surprised that it actually helps. Not to mention the nice AR from penetrate/passion. I've got around 4-5k ar so far, ~80% to hit most things in a1 hell. Equipment is:

Helm: Guillamme's Face (35% CB!)
Weapon: Passion Phase (I heart zeal)
Shield: Stormshield (Shael, no blocking time problems whatsoever)
Armour: Skins of the Vipermagi (working on CoH)
Boots: Gore Riders (CB/OW/DS)
Gloves: Bloodfist (i have some ias/CB/ll gloves somewhere, can't find them)
Ammy: Cat's Eye (ias is good, also r/w)
Rings: Raven/some rare ll ring
Belt: String (ll/dr, can't afford verdungo's)

So, there you have it. I'm not sure anyone cares because everyone enjoys the other 2 branches, but meeh, there's gotta be SOMEONE who cares. And besides, i had to prove it could be done :x


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It looks good to me and it seems so far you're having very few problems. Keep up the good work. If you do run into severe blocking speed problems, try getting a guardian angel armor for its increased block rate. The breakpoints are below should you be interested.

swing weapons
frames   17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10   9   8   7    6    5
fbr       0   4   6  11  15  23  29  40  56  80  120  200  480

thrusting weapons (javelins, daggers)
frames    5   4   3   2   1
fbr       0  13  32  86  600


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For fast blockrate why not try black oak shield ? the unique luna. It has got alot of dex too so maybe that will give some block percantage now that it only has 40 % chance to block.

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psst.. Orphan Call set... you're already wearing the helm..

Here's some shield comparisons.. in order:

Blackoak: 50% FBR. 70% if you shael it.
Moser's: 30% FBR if you dual pdiamond. 70% if you dual shael.
Whitstan's: 40% FBR. 60% if you shael it.
Pelta Lunata: 40% FBR. 60% if you shael it. Awesome low level shield!
Stormshield: 35% FBR. 55% shael'd.
Spirit Ward: 25% FBR. 45% shael'd.

Guardian Angel: 20% FBR.

Assuming you wear a Guardian Angel, any of the bolded shields will get you to the 8 frame block breakpoint. Hitting 7 frame block doesn't seem feasable.

Stormshield doesn't QUITE get you to 80% FBR - you're stuck at 75% with a 9 frame block.

It seems that a 9 frame block might just be a good compromise if you want to ditch GA for some resist armor.

Unfortunately it looks like you have to shael something to get there. Anyone have any more gear selections?


As an aside, I always thought an Amazon would make an absolutely purrrfect Berserker chick :D I mean, what is it that Berserkers lack? Defense! What do 'zon's have that Barbs don't? Passives!

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Eh, 10 frames is nice enough, I'm planning on CoH as a final armour for the +2 skills (i want a 5 hit zeal). However, for now, I think i'll wear Guardian angel, just to experiment.


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upgraded elite twitchthroe ^^

Norm twitchthroe
Defense: 57-60 (varies)(Base Defense: 32-35)
Required Level: 16
Required Strength: 27
Durability: 32
+25 Defense
25% Increase chance of blocking
20% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Increased Attack Speed
+10 To Dexterity
+10 To Strength
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)


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twitchthroe is increased chance of blocking, which is not the same as faster block rate