P-Facet questions and some skill issues


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P-Facet questions and some skill issues

Hey all! Just writing in to ask some important questions.

I am currently playing a level 77 Poisonmancer in hell, and I must confess he's doing damn well. I wear the following:

Maras (only a +21% - I traded my 29% for 4 Hi)
2x SoJs
3 Piece Trang's (Shield - with PDiamond, Belt, and Gloves)
Marrowwalks (+17 Str, +17 Dex)
Death's Web (+2/+1, -47%)

I have a +1 Curses GC and a +1 Summons GC. I also have 2 P facets - one is a 5%/-3% Die Facet, the other is a 3%/-4% standard (lvl. 23 Venom on level-up). My questions are:

1. Should I try to trade for a better Death's Web or just go ahead and socket?

2. If I socket, which Facet should I put in the DW? The Die one?

3. Should I socket the other in the Shako?

4. Do I need the resists from the P-diamond in my shield? Am I over-doing it?

Next, I have some questions about skills. Currently I have maxed P-Nova and it's synergies and have 1 pt each in the following:

Teeth, Corpse Explosion (Poison pre-reqs)
Bone Armor (pumped by Marrowwalks)
Every Curse (so I could get Lower Resist)
Clay Golem, Golem Mastery (Gumby's a handy guy!)

My questions are about where to go from here. I have a Hoto and Homonculous on switch for summoning, so I could do any one of the following:

1. Should I put one into Raise Skelly and Skelly Mage? The synergies would pump each up to level 13.

2. Should I put one in Summon Resist? Gumby seems to be doing fine so far . . .

3. Should I go for maxed Bone Spirit? By my calculations, I could reach around 2k, which would be a nice backup for those few immunes who don't get all the way broken by Lower Resist ($&*@#ing Achmel!) . . .

Now, a quick question about stats. Right now I have a base Strength of 43; with a single +2 Str small charm (with +9% lightning resist on it) I make it to 45, which, with Trang's, allows me to wear all my equip perfectly. I have put NO POINTS IN MANA AT ALL . . . and surprisingly enough, I don't seem to be hurting one bit. I do have a couple of mana + charms, the 30% regen from Trang's, the boost from Shako and, finally, the big +50% from the SoJs, of course.

My question is - where should I put the rest? I'm thinking full Vit - am I crazy?

Thanks folks - keep on keeping on. :thumbsup:

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JanusJones said:
My question is - where should I put the rest? I'm thinking full Vit - am I crazy?

this is the one I can answer more safely.... As nike would say it..JUST DO IT...
Vita is perhaps the most important stat.. Maybe put some points in dex, but don't spend many... Pump vita like crazy...you know you want to...

now let's go backwards, sorry for the mess :)

1 - if you CAN trade for a better one do so...however, you said it yourself your necro is owning hell..thus, perhaps there is no point in trading for a better one, other than spending resources...

2 - The facet, however, I'd advise you to trade for a 5-5 Die poison (duh)... they're not that expensive, and it's worth it... but if you MUST socket one of those, use the die one...

3 - how are the resists doing? I usually Um my shackos... It's allways usefull...

4 - For PvM meh... Maxing resists is never bad..but there's not much point in going over the max.Try to keep resists maxed..if they ARE maxed..well.. If you chose not to, hope you don't come across a pack of Black Souls with a unique with conviction :)
For PvP.. more resists are NEVER bad, unless you need to sacrifice something else for it..

2nd wave:

1 - Well, with my bone necro, I spent a point into skellies and mages, with all the +skills from gear, I end up with pretty good and sometimes usefull meat shields... However, Poison necros don't wear soo much +skills...so, maybe they'll be too frail in hell? *shrugs*..next question..
2 - Do it, I did the same, Gumby will live a lot longuer with some resists.. it's just 1 point anyways..
3 - mhh...Don't really know...Most poisoners seem to rather have some backup skellies and merc to kill off imunes..but..Magic dmg could be a safer decision...

Goodluck with it, and hope this helped..


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I'd rather have minions to handle the P-Immunes than a half synergized Bone Spirit. The nice thing about any minions is that they get monsters to clump around something more desirable than yourself so you can set off those corpse explodes without getting interrupted. I would advise working your way to revives. One point in revives will go a much longer way towards helping you out with the immunes whereas the skellies won't really be that survivable even with all the plus skills you have. It's just going to take too long to get the skeletons up to a survivable level.

I have a skellie poisonmancer but took the opposite route where I put 15/16 into skeletons and skellies first and then worked on filling in all my poison skills. I also skipped the crowd control curses (left side of the curse tree - you don't need them for LR). I've got about 3-5 poison synergies remaining at level ** and both my skellies and poison attacks are quite strong. If I were you, I'd work towards one in revives, take Summon Resist and then put my remaining skills into skeleton mastery. Try the skellies out but I'd keep your expectations low. For prebuffing the revives, I'd try to find a Darkforce spawn with +3 summon.

I'm assuming your armor is Enigma since your str is only 40 something and you're having few problems with the build in Hell with relatively few minions. Put the rest in Vit then.

Resists are ideal at 75 in every spot, but a more realistic goal is 50ish in the elemental stats and above 0 in poison which you probably have more than with the Trang's stuff. There is no cheaper way to raise resists than to P-Diamond your shield so I don't see any problem with that at all.

That's a pretty nice DWeb at -47. You're not losing a lot from not having that additional PNB +1 and a -50 is absurdly expensive. I say skip trying to get a better one unless someone just donated a half a dozen Tyrael's Mights to you and you can afford perfection. Socket both facets with preference on the one with better lower resist (-resist is always preferable to +damage just as +damage is usually better than +skills). Death/level up effects on the facets isn't really of much consequence. In one case, you have to die. In another you'll probably be in a Baal run anyway and surrounded by Hammerdins, Summoners, WW Druids, and Sorcs. I suppose the nice thing about a nasty nova on death is that it will clear out monsters near you if they aren't immune making it easier to get your body. If you're happy with your P-damage though, consider an Um on the Shako for resists if you need them.


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3 piece trang will give you a nice firewall don't forget, with your golem tanking and Lower Resistance cast that thing can kill pretty nicely in hell. (those damn immunes)

If you'd like to go vita that'd work, but blocking with trang's shield isn't to difficult, in fact, until level 94, it has a better block rate than homoncolus when stats are taken into consideration. However you have to sheal it for a decent block rate if you go that route. I have tried it both ways, and I prefer the block rate route, but it's up to taste IMO.

I would suggest putting a point into summon resistance, your golem's survivabilty doubles or more against elemental with that single point, I'd say it's worth it.

I would actually suggest points left into either Raise Skeleton or Bone Wall. Maxing out RS actually produces stronger/more skellies than maxing skeleton mastery, and is a rather popular hybrid (I've made three poison/skellymancers, their very effective with a might merc). However, maxing out Bone Wall will give you the same amount of bone armor as a bone necro, I tend to go this route with my pvp venomancers.


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1. socket the dweb unless you are a perfectionist. the -enemy res is the most important variable in it, and you have a good one.

2. i'm thinking the lvl up one, because of the better -res

3. i'd go ahead and put one in shako too. unless you can trade for a 5/5 one.

4. personally i like ptopaz shield, because it is the missing (lightning) res in the 3part trang.

1. all my psners so far had a minor skelly theme. i think they are really good for tanking. dont worry too much about their lifespan, because you can always summon more anyway :D especially if you can get a hold of bramble for your merc, then them dying is a good thing :D

2. summon res deserves 1 pt. a spammable golem that doesnt die in 1 hit is always good

3. i would not go for bone spirit, because it is only really worthwhile when you have decent fcr. and with dweb you dont. skeletons have much higher damage potential than a half synergized spirit.

if you have about 100 odd stats left, i highly recommend blockin. you just never know when you tele into them fana fanataurs :) if not, all out vita is always a good thing (especially in hc, which i play exclusively)