Over and Over


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Over and Over

Well I Was Wondering What Would Be A Good Build For A Mf Sorc To Do Hell Andy/Mepf Runs With..I Just Want To Know What Skill Points To Max And What Not..And I Looked At The Build Guide But That Didnt Tell Me Anything So Plz Help Me Out Guys!


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you didn't look close enough, or hard enough at the build guides I'm guessing.

ES/orber would probably be the easiest to build for this specific task.


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Yeah, ES and Orb are all you need, but put some points into blizz for easy meph kills also. When you get the pattern down you'll never die and seldom get hit, just have to be wary of the vamps, but they don't hit very hard at any rate. (unless they have conv/Extra Strong of course)


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Either go for a full blizzer(probably the fastest and safest meph owners with the moat trick) although you'll be guzzling potions on your way down.
Or go for a Max Orb, Ice shard, CM and Teleport, lifesorc. You won't need any mana getting to Meph or Andy(or anywhere for that matter, since teleporting is practically free), you'll only need some mana for the kill, but usually that can be done with a single bulb at level 80. Don't worry if you seem to be low on mana at level 50 or even at 60, you'll have enough when you reach 80.


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Take a look at Fred's budgetsorc miniguide. He lists orb/thunderstorm as a good build for soloing CS but if that isn't a priority, a standard Blizzard sorc will serve you better, I suspect. Blizzball is also a versatile build to consider. MeteOrb, the standard MF build for the expansion, doesn't work in Classic well for several reasons- mostly, though, because you can't count on having a merc to stand there and take the pounding while fire and cold rain down on the monsters.