Outside the map?!


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Yeah I did that once, last time I did it with an enigma I was teleporting over the lava on the River of Flame o_O


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diabloXslayer said:
Check this crazy bug i just found, im not sure how it happened but i managed to get outside the map using teleport. Screenshots:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Anyone know if this has happened before?
I have have had this happen lots of times with my sorc. I teleport behind walls in the Black Tower, and walk on lava in the pits under the Fridged Highlands. Whats even funnier is that I have battled a champion pack of lashers on a lava bed!


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oooh this is a fun bug, i used to do it with my friend all the time in maggot lair while he was teleporting in a rush... It was fun and my friend thought they'd fix it 1.10 but its still working :lol:

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I've done it before right where your screenshot one took place its a very nifty lil bug. THe funnie thing is I played hide and go seek with a friend lol.


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Something very similar happened to me during a countess run, the difference was that once I teleported outside the walls, I could only move in an 8x2 area, and my merc died.


My barb could walk on lava, after he got affected by the spring attack bug. Pretty handy on the river of flame.


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Yeah, the most common place to see this at are in act 2 tombs, the countess's tower, and in act 5 if you teleport along the cliffs you can get on top of one ^_^


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Have had it happen with one of the first chars I made in 1.1... Was using a sorc n didn't have wp to go after anya so decided I'd tele through frigid... Was teleporting n not really paying much attention to nething else n tele'd off the map... Just showed me in a lil box off the screen n couldn't tele out of it...